The Sign

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Ever since she started taking the longer road to work, she saw the sign every day. She barely dared to look across the street, shy that someone might see her interest. She only watched porn in the privacy of her room and had seen all the movies in her collection too many times for it to excite her as well as it always did. However, ever since she saw the sign her excitement ran high and the little inspiration she still got from her porn movies was enough to climax every night.

It took Zandri the better time of a month to find the courage to walk on the other side of the street. She didn’t plan to go inside, but her feet carried her through the entrance. She paid the admission fee and soon found herself inside a small, dark movie theater. There were five people inside, all men. They all sat in the three back rows, none of them close to each other. Zandri walked to the front row, which placed a couple of rows between her and the man closest to her. Staccato images registered in her brain as she sat down.

Woman. Man. Bed. Naked. Erection. Hand between legs. Pussy wet. Dildo in ass. Moving in and out. Hand around penis. Moving up and down. Kissing. Moaning. Back arching. Orgasm. Changing position.

Zandri squirmed. Anal. Her weak spot. Literally.

Her eyes didn’t leave the screen. She pulled up her skirt to her waist and slipped her hand between her legs. Above her stockinged legs her fingers found the wetness of her bare pussy. Her fingers knew the drill. They teased and rubbed; pinched and penetrated. They coached her towards a climax. Zandri noticed movement next to her. She had hoped for this. Hoped to draw attention. The man unbuttoned her blouse. Another appeared on the other side and freed her breasts from her bra. A third replaced the hand between her legs with his mouth.

Zandri pushed her hands under her bum. Her back arched. Her eyes were fixed on the screen.

Legs up in the air. Spread. Wide. Condom. Erection. Penetration. Anal. Stretching open. Pain. Moans. Pushing in deep. Pulling out. Pushing in again. Upping the pace. Fucking. Hard fucking.

Hands and mouths found her erogenous zones. For once, they were better than her own hands. The unfamiliar feelings heightened her excitement. The almost public scene helped to build her orgasm. She climaxed at the same time as the man on the screen left his mark on the woman’s breasts. The strange men pulled away from her. They had their cocks out. They were ready. Waiting. Zandri buttoned her blouse, pulled down her skirt and without a word she left the movie theater.

From across the street she glanced back at the sign: Best Porn In Town.

She smiled and turned around to leave, thinking: I will be back.

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