The Meeting


Her boobs wiggled under the soft material of her low-cut dress. The black material caressed her erect nipples as she walked with relative ease on the ten centimeter heels, swinging her hips from side to side. Fern’s confidence gave her an air of dignity and made her untouchable, even though she was on the sidewalk of a darker part of town. There were cars around and people – men and women – were watching her, but Fern was oblivious of this. The earphones in her ear cut out all sounds around her. She only heard the music of Queen and had someone been listening with her, they would have noticed that her strides were on the rhythm of the music. Her mind was a million miles away from the poverty around her.

Fern turned a corner and entered an alleyway to take a short cut between the buildings to where she needed to be. She was about to meet someone she had been chatting to for some months. To say she was excited, would be an understatement. Fern had been looking forward to this meeting for days and today dragged by just too slowly. She was impatient to finally see him.

A hard shove between her shoulder blades sent her staggering forward. Before she could utter a sound, a leather-clad hand covered her mouth. Another hand grabbed her between the legs from behind, and in one smooth movement she was picked up by the strong arms. Fern kicked and struggled, screamed and bit, but her efforts made no impression on the man who walked with her in her arms as if she was a rag doll. Fern struggled hard to free herself, but at the same time she was aware of her increased horniness. Her clitoris, already swollen from her excitement for the upcoming meeting, pressed hard against the arm of the man. In her struggles she inadvertently rubbed her clitoris against the arm, which sent tingles through her entire body.

Another person appeared in her line of sight, but a forage cap covered his face. The hand in front of her mouth disappeared and duct tape replaced it. Her captor threw her in the back of van. Fern crawled to the far end of the van, but he grabbed her ankle and roughly pulled her back. Her feet were taped together with duct tape, as were her hands. To immobilize her, he tied her ankles and feet together too. Hogtied she lay face down on the dirty mattress in the back of the van. She sensed someone getting onto the mattress before the doors banged shut and the engine roared to life.

Fern smelled her fear in her own sweat, but another sensation overpowered her fear. She was horny. Incredibly and inappropriately horny for the situation she was in. One of her breasts had escaped from her dress. Her nipple pressed against the hard mattress. Through the smell of her fear another scent reached her nostrils. Arousal. She was wet and if she could smell it, he could too. Involuntarily she squirmed, pushing her crotch into the mattress and spreading her legs in the process. By now her short skirt had moved up towards her hips and had revealed her black stockings and garter belt, as well as her skimpy lace panties.

She turned her head and in the faint light, her eyes found his. Fern pleaded with him. She tried to send a message with her eyes, but he didn’t seem to comprehend. He just stared at her. Fern started squirming and moving around. She managed to turn her legs towards him and in an invitation, she spread her legs more. Holy fuck, Fern, she thought, how can you offer yourself to your captors like this?

She breathed out hard through her nose when he seemed to understand what she wanted. Or maybe he was just not going to let an opportunity like this pass? Or both…

Two fingers roughly entered her wet cunt. It was hardly possible, but Fern spread her legs more and tried to push back against his fingers, inviting him to finger-fuck her hard. He did, bringing her to one, then another orgasm. His fingers curled inside her and touched her G-spot, a full-proof way to always make her squirt. Her wetness pooled under her stomach, soiling her clothing but she didn’t care. All she cared about was another orgasm. The more she squirted, the more she wanted to climax. The more she climaxed, the more she hoped he would fuck her for real. Before she could reach her third orgasm the van stopped and the doors opened.

“Ah, I see she’s all ready for me,” an unfamiliar voice said, “it’s nice to finally meet you, Fern.”

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