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Those of you who follow me on Twitter might already have discovered my author blog and know that my first book will be published soon. This has always been a dream of me: to see my name on a book. To know that the story in there is a fabrication of my mind, only my mind. I have been published in several anthologies, and that made me proud as hell, but knowing that soon there will be a book that has only my name on it. It’s not a selfish thought, but a thought every writer has, I’m sure of that.

And, it’s finally going to happen!

There’s finally going to be a book with only my name on it.

It’s hard work. Very hard work. Writing a book is one thing. Editing it is something entirely different. I had several editing round and three lovely people beta-read my book. Apart from that I needed a cover for it and a very sexy man designed it for me. I am totally in love. With the cover, that is, but I can tell you, I won’t mind some sexy fun with the artist!

FlightLU365 edits
The editing screen…
(click to enlarge)

It’s hard work, but so incredibly rewarding.

Enough of that!

Do you want to know what my book is about?

Do you want to see the cover?

Do you want to read it?

Do you want to know where to order it?

Then I would love for you all to head over to my author site, subscribe to new posts (in the footer) and follow the news as I share it. I’ve already shared some news about this book, and there’s definitely more to come!

Then, something else… this blog is a shameless promotion of my book and of my author blog, but on my author blog I want to give other authors the chance to promote their books too. If you have a book you want to promote, please let me know!

PS: Don’t forget: next week is week 200 of Wicked Wednesday!!!

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7 thoughts on “Shameless Promotion

  1. Hey, it’s your blog and your meme… Shamelessly Promote away. Looking forward to your book. Thanks for welcoming me to WW and I’ll have come up with a good one for #200!

  2. Duly subscribed . . . and I am always in awe of your energy and how much you achieve! Do you ever sleep???
    Can we pre-order???
    Oh, and the 200th edition of Wickedness next Wednesday! That is astounding! I hope to join you there!!!
    Xxx – K

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