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I was offered the Nalone Wave by Belle de Soir in exchange for an honest product review. Now I have to tell you that I am absolutely not fond of rabbit vibrators as I have never found one that fits properly in my pussy and stimulates my clitoris in the right way, all at the same time. Still, I agreed to do this product review as this rabbit vibrator promised to have some interesting features.

Let’s look at some technical aspects of this toy first and then I will tell you all about my experience with the Nalone Wave Rabbit

Packaging & Contents

This rabbit vibrator comes in a beautiful white rectangular box. On opening the box, you are greeted by the bright pink vibrator. The first thing that struck me was that it’s bigger than I thought it would be. Under the partition on which the vibrator rested was a drawstring bag for the vibrator, a USB charging cable and a booklet with instructions on how to use the vibrator.

Shape ‘n Size & Material

This fully waterproof toy is made of ABS/Silicone that feels like velvet. On the shaft it has ridges that must resemble the veins on a penis. The tip of the vibrator even resembles the head of a penis with ridges separating the actual shaft and the head. The vibrator (from top to bottom) is 20 centimeters long and about 15 centimeters of that is insertable. Using water-based lube will make it slide in easily. And of course, let’s not forget about the flexible clitoral stimulator on the toy.

How does it work?

At the bottom of the vibrator there are four buttons on the controls. Pressing the button at the bottom for 2 seconds to switch it on, or when you’re done, for two seconds to switch it off. The top left button has a kind of zigzaggy pattern on it, and that’s the button that turns on the clitoral vibrator, which has 5 vibration modes. Three of those are steady vibrations in different strengths and the last two are pulsating modes. The top right button resembles a ‘M’ and pressing this turns on the shaft vibrations. There are 7 shaft vibration modes, of which 3 are steady and 4 are pulsating. The middle button turns on the wave motion, moving around the beads inside. It has 3 speeds and it doesn’t only rotate the beads, but also resembles a thrusting motion.

Want to see it in action? Watch this:

My experience with and opinion of the product

So there I was, ready to test this beautiful toy. I tried all the vibrations in my hand first, not wanting to get confused with the controls in the heat of the moment (insert angel face here). The one thing that immediately caught my attention (and not in a positive way) was the incredibly noise when I turned on the wave. It had a machine-like pumping action and actually made me think of oil fields, where those giant structures pumps oil from deep inside the earth to the surface. Yep, I don’t know why my mind went there, but just writing this down made me realize there must be some kind of analogy in there.

I wanted to experience this toy so I continued playing. Soon I had it inside me and I worked through the different settings of shaft vibrations. I prefer the steady vibrations to the pulsating ones. I turned on the clitoral extension and worked through those vibrations too. The clitoral piece is soft and flexible, and actually just a bit too flexible to my liking. But here I have to say that the vibrations are great – it’s just that I always prefer more pressure on my clitoris. Right, the next step was to switch on the wave and thrusting action. That was… interesting. I liked the feeling but the noise was still distracting. Even though the toy was now inside me and part of the noise was muted, I could still hear the machinelike pumping action and that was quite distracting.

The next time I use this toy will not be in the bedroom, but under the shower, because I hope that the sound of the water around me will probably drown the noise of the pumping. You see, I like the feeling of the vibrations in combination with the wave and pumping action. So, will I use this toy again? Yes, because the first time it gave me a great orgasm. If the noise is still as terrible and the pumping action still distracting, I might not use it again after that, despite it giving me a great orgasm when I tested it the first time!

Where to buy?

You can buy the Nalone Wave Rabbit from Belle De Soir for 125 pounds.

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