Hang Loose

When I am on my hands and knees, everything hangs down. My breasts, my tummy, everything. I don’t like seeing myself like this, but it seems the older I get, the more I am coming to terms with who I am, what I look like and most important of all: the more I accept it. Here I am… gravity pulls on my bits and make them hang loose.

20160221 (20)wm curves
Celebrating my curves…
(click to enlarge image)

And yes, if you look closely, you see the Womanizer Pro between my legs, as this image was part of the series I have made when I blogged about the toy.

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7 thoughts on “Hang Loose

  1. I know just what you mean Marie . . . well, except for the Womanizer Pro, haven’t had the pleasure, lol!!! . . . but accepting our bits and pieces and the way they change, is so important. It’s only natural isn’t it, and who we are inside, and who we are with those around us, is the most empowering thing of all!!!
    Xxx – K

  2. In fact you should be proud to have such huge breasts and tummy. Let them hang down and touch the ground while you kneel down to the ground. In fact that itself is a beautiful vision for us and in my opinion all women are beautiful irrespective of their ages and body shapes. Your mission in writing is found to be more appealing and we like your writing and presentation techniques like anything. Carry on my friend. I convey my wishes and kisses to those lovely breasts

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