Fascinated by Needle Play

The intro to this topic of Kink of the week was written by Sub Bee

I know this particular kink will be divisive, you’ll either love it or hate it, which to me makes it so much more interesting.

I’ve always had a fascination with needles and always found when I go for injections or blood tests that I feel a sense of calm wash over me as I feel the needle penetrate my skin. However, the step from that to needle play is a scary thing. As any kink play is with my partner it not only meant a step for me to try it, but also him. Was it something he wanted to do and how would he feel? Last summer we took that step and we haven’t looked back.

Have you tried playing with needles? If so, what was your experience? Is it the pain play that you love or is it the creativity involved that floats your boat? If you like to use needles on someone else, what does it do for you? If you haven’t tried it, is it something that intrigues you, something to try in the future? Or conversely, if it’s not for you what is it that puts you off?

I have frequently said that I don’t like needle play at all, but at the same time I have said that it intrigues me. I love looking at images of it, and I really study those images, but the thought of needles being stuck in me totally freaks me out. Sub Bee says that she has always been fascinated by needles, but with me it’s the opposite. I have always been terrified of them, but have come to accept that it’s sometimes needed to have needles stuck in me. Whenever I have to go for blood tests, I literally submit myself to what has to happen. I turn my head the other way (I cannot bear to look when a needle penetrates my skin) and I accept whatever comes next.

Now writing that had me thinking: what if Master T wants to try something with needles, or have someone else try it on me? Would I use a safe word? Would I back out, freak out? Would I call this a hard limit? Fact is, I don’t know. As said, I am intrigued by it, but I don’t know if I am intrigued enough to do the same I do when I have blood tests done: to just submit and accept whatever comes next. I don’t know and like with many other things in life, I will only know what I will do if I am ever in this situation.

The closest we have ever come to needle play is when Master T bought some mean nipple clamps, that have tiny blunt ‘needles’ that goes around the nipple. Even though the ‘needles’ are blunt, they are mean and painful on my nipples. Now I sometimes ask for my nipples to be tortured and I am always thankful when these are not the first clamps Master T reaches for.

20130523-014wm clamps nipple
My poor nipple, caught between the needles of a mean nipple clamp…
(click to enlarge image)

So I guess regarding needle play I am indecisive. I don’t know if I want to experience it, but at the same time I am intrigued by images where you see a ‘corset tie’ on the back of a woman, done with needles and ribbon. That is so beautiful and I would love to know what it feels like, but the thought of needles being pushed into my skin… like i said, I am indecisive about needle play. For now I will just look at the images and study them closely…

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9 thoughts on “Fascinated by Needle Play

  1. I’m so glad you wore this. I spent years being fascinated but thinking it would never happen and I was certain my partner wouldn’t want to do it (how wrong was I!).

    I will say that although I’ve always enjoyed the sensation from blood tests etc. the sensation from these needles is actually very different and not nearly as painful as you think it will be.

  2. Those are the Eagle Talon Nipple Clamps! I need to get pretty warmed up before we deploy them, but their particular flavor of agony is so delicious.

  3. Oh goodness I am feeling your pinch! . . . Not really interested in needles, but like you, clamps and suckers in certain moments!!!
    Xxx – K

  4. ohhhh! as I’m holding my boobs .. protecting them with both hands. lol
    i’d love to watch you, your reaction and maybe I might try it…key word being “maybe” lol

    you are beautiful as always.

  5. Wow. This has my mind going in 15 different directions. I love the picture, but it makes me cringe. As much as I love nipple torture, I pass out when I see needles in skin… Even though this may only look like real needles, between that and the pain, my Hubby may have to deal with a different type of swoon. I’d love to know, in comparison to other types of clamps, how do these feel? xoxo

    1. They are incredibly painful. If I am quite horny already, I can handle them better than when they are the first clamps to be put on my nipples.

  6. Your breast and nipple are beautiful, but I think I’m still firmly in the category of “No” when it comes to anything with needles, including those clamps. But that doesn’t mean I won’t look forward to any explorations you may (eventually) take in that general direction. 🙂

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