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Writing a book is one thing, but editing it is something totally different. The process I went through with Flight LU-365 has taught me a lot of things in the editing department. Not only that you have to edit your book several times and in different ways, but also that you need beta-readers to look at it in a different way than you do yourself.

Years ago, under a totally different name and long before I started blogging, I self-published two books. Back then I read through the books a couple of times, but I had no ‘external’ help. If I read the words in those books now, I cringe. I wish I knew back then what I know now, but all of us learn more as time progresses. I had three beta-readers who highlighted things in the books that were either wrong or that they thought I might want to say in a different way. I am forever thankful that they were willing to read my book.

The other tool that was absolutely invaluable was Pro Writing Aid. This is software you can use to improve the readability of your book and to eliminate errors. You can either choose to edit your book chapter by chapter or all at once, or paragraph by paragraph. The software analyzes your text and checks it for different things, such as overused words, passive verbs, sentence length, cliches, writing style, consistency of grammar use, repeated sentence starts, use of pronouns, etc. Pro Writing Aid suggests changes, but you don’t have to follow that. You can choose to leave it as it is, but I have found that following many of their suggestions has improved my writing and definitely made paragraphs sound better. For instance, I found that these are the words I use far too much: feel, hear, see. Seeing Pro Writing Aid highlighting those for me and thinking of another way to write a sentence had me thinking differently on texts I wrote after that. Pro Writing Aid really is a huge help.


You can download the Ebook above by clicking on the image. There are 20 editing tips in the book, with examples on how to improve your writing by following the tips. In my opinion this software is really necessary to use when you want your book or story to be perfect for your readers.

If you have any questions regarding the use of Pro Writing Aid, please let me know. After editing my book and several stories I submitted for anthology calls, I have quite some experience with this software.

~ Marie A. Rebelle

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