Done Playing

20151030 (76)wm doxy ass
After an intense session with my favorite toy…
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18 thoughts on “Done Playing

  1. I love the way you look so relaxed, even though we can’t see your face your whole demeanor tells of the moment


  2. this looks almost like the end of a rock concert, like when Jim Morrison used to fall on the stage during performances!!! i am sure yours was on the same level!!!

  3. Ah… I know this feeling well. I love how your hair is crumpled and spread behind you, how your arm is so relaxed at your side – you’ve captured a feeling of rapture and relief beautifully!

  4. That moment after when you are done but the sensations are still washing over you. I love being able to savour it and come down from that high naturally. You picture perfectly captures that.


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