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Today was a big day for my soon-to-be-published book. I received the first proof from the publisher. The next period of hard work has already started, as I have to read through all again and try to catch those tiny errors I haven’t seen before. Also, I have to check whether I am happy with the inside of the book, whether it is what I have in mind.

Now, I can tell you, it’s quite an interesting process, especially since my book is in English, but I have a Dutch publisher. They publish English books too, but still there are things that are in Dutch, which I think would look better in English. These are the things I will be changing in the first proof. On Wednesday I have a meeting with the publisher, because I feel personal contact is always a lot better than doing everything by email.

Up to now I have called my book by it’s working title, ‘Crush Flight’.

However, it’s so lovely to see the real title of my book in the proof that I want to share it with you today. This, dear readers, is my book, straight from the editing screen:

FlightLU365 edits
Flight LU-365 by Marie A. Rebelle
(click to enlarge image)


In a next post, I will reveal the cover to you. I have the first version the artist has sent me, and am still doubting whether I should share that or wait until the artist sends me the final cover. I have no idea when I will receive the final version. It all depends on the publication date, which hopefully I will know more about after I have been at the publisher.

More news will follow soon!

~ Marie Rebelle

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