Toy Box: Rope

I have decided to join the craziness of Molly’s #febphotofest again. At first, with being incredibly busy with editing my book, I thought I would not do it, but I am not one to avoid a challenge. And, honestly, I enjoyed the last two year of the #febphotofest. The only thing was that I really wanted to go with a theme for this year. Last year I did a Poloroid Past theme, inspired by Modesty Ablaze. It took me a couple of days to think of a theme: our toy box. This will, however, be interrupted by other posts, but all with at least one of my images.

So here goes… join me on this crazy ride!

The first item: rope.

20160130 (4wm) rope febphotofest
Pink and blue rope
(click to enlarge)

Master T will be the first to tell you that he’s not a rigger. Yes, we have rope and yes, we sometimes use it, but if he wants to restrain me, he prefers to use bondage tape. It’s much easier to use and works just as effectively as rope does. I love the feeling of rope on my body, love to be restrained. It’s like I’m hugged by the rope. It comforts me and makes me feel safe. Do I mind that rope is not Master T’s thing? No, not at all. There’s plenty of other ways to be restrained.

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