Toy Box: Hog Tie

20160130 (12wm) hogtie febphotofest
Red Hogtie
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Do you have that too? That you have something in your sex toy box that you actually love to use, but you sort of forget that you have it? This red hogtie is within reach for us to use, but it stays in the drawer most of the time. I remember a time when it was used in me and had me totally helpless on the floor while my pussy was tortured with orgasms. I love orgasms, but having one orgasm after the other when you’re body is tied like this, is harder. Or at least, for me it is. I had difficulty relaxing after an orgasm and readying myself for the next one, because of the position I was in. Still, thinking of it now, I would love to experience that same feeling of ‘almost helplessness’ again.

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  1. Maybe I can help you with this…. I’m always curious and love to give you orgasms….

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