The Numbers Game

Do you need or expect to know how many previous sexual encounters your current sexual
partner has had? Is it any of your business?

No, it’s none of my business.

This is the answer I give because of the situation I am in. I’m married to Master T and we engage in sexual encounters with other people. It is absolutely none of my business how many other sexual encounters those people had or have. It’s their business. They can tell me as much or as little as they want, but I will never ask any questions about it.

That said, back when Master T and I met, we talked about our previous encounters. I am an easy talker and not ashamed of anything I have done in the past, even though not everything I did was right. I gained experience and got to know more about myself. Master T wasn’t shocked about what I told him, and I wasn’t shocked that he had but a quarter (or maybe even less) of the sexual partners I had in the past. Damn, what can I say, I love sex and have always loved it.

Funnily enough, this question reminded me of the list I have made about all the sex partners I had in my life, and I believe it’s time to update the list. The list was posted in March 2013, so roughly three years ago. Back then the counter stood on 24 men and 8 women that I had as sex partners.

At this moment, the counter stands on 27 men and 10 women. Three men and two women more than almost three years ago. Not a huge score, but quality is better than quantity, right?

Erotic massage
Receiving an erotic massage from Master B on our first date
(click to enlarge)

Master Bedroom was the first of the three. We had two dates with him before things changed. The first date was brilliant. Oh my gosh, I was fucked so well that night. After a brilliant erotic massage, he used all my holes. The second date was… ehh… interesting. That was the date where I was with three dominants, of which one was a woman. Indeed, this was one of the two women that I have added to the list. Enough said about that date. Although I still have contact with Master B, I doubt another date will follow because he has a sub now and she doesn’t want him to have dates with others. We respect that.

The other two men whom have been added to the list are Major Eric and The Talker. I don’t have to say anything more about them, except that next dates are in the making.

Then, the second woman… Beauty. Really, she is beautiful, inside and out. She melts my heart. She makes me feel special and I want to make her feel special. More will follow about her… both in images and words.

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6 thoughts on “The Numbers Game

  1. My numbers are lower than any mentioned here, more round the 20 mark if I sat and added it all up.
    I never ask Sir about past encounters…it kills me to think of him with anyone else, I just can’t go there, even though he has asked me about my past, and I’ve told him.
    Oddly, though, those conversations have lead to some pretty intense sex between us, turning my past into a fantasy for him, which was a wonderfully intimate experience

    That image is lovely, such tenderness portrayed 🙂


  2. I don’t know why after reading that question, I blurted out, “the more, the merrier.” But then again I know that the number game shouldn’t be a scale to judge a person’s sex life; and I think being a virgin myself, I understand that. Also you’re totally right, it is never our business.

    Your picture makes me say: First Date Goals! 😀

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