The prompt for this week’s Wicked Wednesday came from the very talented Melina Greenport.

I am incredibly busy these days, in the final stages of editing my book and am taking the easy way out with this prompt. Everyone who has ever met me in real life, will know how much I like my sexy shoes, so here I am, showing off some of them!

(click to enlarge and browse the gallery)

I definitely have a lot more shoes than only these, but didn’t want to overflow you with images.

Let’s just say: I love my sexy shoes!

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Wicked Wednesday

8 thoughts on “Shoes!

  1. I love the two red and black pairs!. I wish I could wear heels outside the bedroom, but alas, between kids and back surgery my tolerance for heels has disappeared.

  2. I know you have an amazing collection . . . and the third one on the right is one of my favourites that I’ve seen you in before!
    Always envious!!!
    Xxx – K

  3. Fabulous, I love your sexy shoes too. I find sexy, fuck-me, shoes such a hot and hard turn-on ~ if ever I was going to have a fetish tall heels would be it.

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