Redtube (revisited)

Some weeks ago someone I follow on Twitter said he wanted access to our Redtube account. I referred him to Master T, who is the keeper of that account, where you can see videos of me. Ever since, Redtube and the making of more videos have been on my mind.

Images from one of the movies on our Redtube account
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Now you might have read somewhere on this blog how I feel about videos of myself and other people looking at it. I’m shy about it. Yes, seriously shy, but deep down I also like that people can see it and that it makes them horny. Master T loves making videos of me and have done so occasionally in the past. When about two and a half years ago he suggested to create a Redtube account, I had only two conditions:

  • There should be some kind of control over who sees the videos;
  • I don’t want my face in the videos.

I’m still not that good with being the center attraction in a video, but I know how much Master T enjoys moving images of me. I tend not to look at it. I feel awkward seeing myself. Maybe if I do it more, I might get used to it? Maybe I should just try it? Coming to think of it, who wants to join me in this adventure?

It’s really easy to create an account on Redtube. You can decide to have an open account, or a protect your account the way we do. If you go to our account without being added as a friend, you won’t be able to see my videos. This is the way I wanted it. Whether you want to upload your own videos to Redtube or want to go there to see mine, you will have to create an account. Just go to the site and click on ‘sign up’ in the menu. Enter your email address, a username and password and there you are, you have an account. Once you’re logged in, you can go to a dropdown menu, choose ‘My Profile’ and edit it. Upload a profile image, enter information such as location, etc. In the same dropdown menu is an option ‘Settings’ and this is where you can choose whether you want to approve all friend requests or automatically accept it.

When you upload a video, you can choose whether you want to make it viewable for all, or for a select public. Master T is the one who uploads the videos and he always chooses the option ‘private’ which means only accepted friends can see my videos.

If you want to use Redtube only for watching online porn, you definitely came to the right place. Redtube is always the first place where I go for porn clips. There are others, but mostly Redtube ‘satisfy my needs’. Are you looking for something short-ish to watch, to get in the mood? Then Redtube is for you. Are you looking for something longer to get in the mood? Then Redtube is for you. There are clips of a couple of minutes long, but also full length movies of an hour and a half. You can choose from the 37 categories in the big dropdown menu at the top or use the tiny search button in the top row menu to search for videos. My favorites are anal (duh!), double penetration (double duh!) and Casting. But, you can also search on a keyword (tag) and one I frequently search for is ‘massage’.

Once you have selected a category and you hold the cursor of the mouse over one of the videos, images of the movie flash by. With this you can determine whether it might be to your liking or not. Just below the video you can see how many times a movie has been viewed and what percentage of people liked it. Of course, like me, you can ignore these numbers.

redtubeThere’s something for everyone on Redtube. I’m sure if you’re in the mood for porn, you will find something here. The site has a clean design and is well organized. Come on, just go look around on the site. I’m sure you will find something to your liking. And if not, you can always watch my videos.

Oh, before you go: in the past years I have discovered more sites where I could watch porn. You see those in the top bar on Redtube. They call it the Pornhub Network and it mentioned sites such as Pornhub, YouPorn, Tube 8 and more. Maybe you prefer one of the others? We only have an account on Redtube, but in the coming weeks I might just make time to investigate the other sites too. And who knows, I might even come back and share my findings with you.

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  1. I love your videos there… and we’ll see what the future will bring…maybe a video of you and me together?

  2. As someone who has enjoyed beyond words the excitement I get from watching your videos, I’m glad you and Master T decided to open your account in the first place. 🙂

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