If you haven’t read my post of this past Thursday yet, then you might want to do so in order to ‘understand’ this image.

What you see in the image below, are three matches that keep my pussy lips spread open.

The first time I had a match between my labia, I was much younger.

Back then I did it because I was told to do it, and yes, in a way it excited me. I even did it when I was alone. I enjoyed the feeling of having something ‘down there’. I didn’t understand my excitement back then, but I definitely understand it now.

20160207 (6) wm pussy matches
Playing with fire… sort of…
(click to enlarge)

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13 thoughts on “Match-Fixing

  1. Your words and the image are so powerful, it’s those experiences that shape who we are now in both positive and negative ways. Thank you for sharing and thank you for your strength xx

  2. Wow. The strength you must have to own that act again and make it something beautiful. I admire you even more. X

  3. Your post on Thursday left me utterly speechless. I am monumentally impressed at how you have turned such a violation into something positive. And I’m positively blown away by this stunning image. Wow.


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