Lobbying (also lobby) is the act of attempting to influence decisions made by officials in a government, most often legislators or members of regulatory agencies.
(Source: Wikipedia)

The hotel we were in was in a building that had three entrances and each of those entrances had a different function. We entered in the middle as we could reach the hotel lobby from this entrance. The lobby we were in was huge, with a very high ceiling, an escalator, an elevator shaft and surrounded by glass on all sides. In the back of it was the entrance to one of the many restaurants around.

I literally sat down on the couch, opened my coat and closed it again when I realized that people from the street as well as people in the lobby of the hotel next door could see me.

20151101 (38a)wm scavenger hunt lobby
Flashing in a lobby
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So I closed my coat again and waited for Master T to tell me that he was ready to take the photo, when he told me that he had already done so.

20151101 (39a)wm scavenger hunt lobby
I do look quite innocent, don’t I?
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Maybe I was just attempting to influence them like the officials in a government try to do when they are lobbying.

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This is my 53rd Scavenger Hunt location.


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