Erotic Self Torture

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A shower.

Relaxed by the hot water.

Alone in the bedroom afterwards.

The ever-present Womanizer Pro on my bedside table.


That sets the scene for something that has happened a couple of times now. I come from the shower, feeling warm and relaxed. My mind is at ease. I am happy. I’m not particularly horny, but when I see the toy I want to feel it. There’s something magic about the small ‘mouth’ covering my clitoris, sucking it.

20160221 (9)wm womanizer pro pussy piercing
Positioned over my clitoris
(click to enlarge image)

I need to dry my hair after the shower, but before I do, I position the mouth over my sensitive spot. I switch the toy to the minimum setting and clutch it between my legs, keeping it in position. Then I start to comb my hair, getting ready to blow dry it. All the time I am aware of the vibrations between my legs. Shivers of pleasure run through my body. Even when I get up, I clutch the toy, enjoying the different sensations as the mouth move over my button. By now I am horny. Once my hair is dry, I get on the bed, on hands and knees. The toy is still clutched between my legs. I put it to a higher setting and then buck my hips against the toy. Sometimes the next setting is enough, sometimes I use a higher setting. The effect is always the same. The fantasy too. I think about standing on my knees and being fucked in my ass, while the Womanizer ‘sucks’ my clitoris. I wonder if I can do this, if I will be able to keep the Womanizer in place. In my fantasy, it works. As I buck against the toy, I feel my buttocks parting, opening everything up for the intrusion. I feel the tension building in my body. Feel my orgasm nearing. Shiver as the sensations between my legs run wild. I’m close, very close. I feel my nipples harden. Buck my hips a couple of times more. Imagine a cock pushing deep into my ass. I moan softly as the sucking seems to intensify. And then…

20160221 (16)wm womanizer pro
On my knees, moving my hips & enjoying the sensations!
(click to enlarge image)

I stop.

On the brink of an orgasm, I stop. Why? Because I have no permission for it. Sometimes I wonder if I have orgasmed, but I know I haven’t. Master T doesn’t know about this newly-found game of mine. I haven’t told him yet (but of course he will read about it here). I haven’t told him, because I know the Womanizer Pro has the potential to be used as s torture device. Hey, in the past week’s I have used it for erotic self torture… can you imagine the things Master T might want me to do with it? Edging. An orgasm a day. Two orgasms with the Womanizer. Two would be torture, as my orgasms with the toy is intense and a second orgasm will be almost painful to have. Using it for edging? Pure torture too! I think I haven’t told Master T about it yet, because I’m afraid I might fail if he sets me any task with the Womanizer Pro.

Even so, I love my torturous after-shower playtime.

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4 thoughts on “Erotic Self Torture

    1. These toys are really brilliant. Great that you bought one for your Queen 🙂

  1. That thing sounds torturous and divine. I can see why you’ve been playing with it. Of course, now I’m curious to find out exactly how he’ll torture you with it. 🙂

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