‘Crush Flight’ – The foreword

The moment I received the word ‘go’ from the publisher, my mind started turning on full speed. I wanted someone to beta read my book and I needed someone to write the foreword for my book. I knew exactly who I was going to ask, and both of them said yes! When I received the foreword and read it, I smiled and had tears in my eyes.

Who wrote the foreword, you ask?

C.P. McClennan is the author of the Savannah series, and more. Visit his website for more information!

My good friend, Stranded in Toronto, C.P. McClennan – author of Savannah, a series I am a HUGE fan of – was willing to write my foreword. He did a brilliant job, making me smile and making me get tears in my eyes.

Here are some snippets from his foreword:

We sit down at our table and I come eye-to-eye with this redhead. You know the one I’m talking about.

The one that grabs your mind, wraps it around her little finger and then toys with it until you’re looking for cigarettes. And I don’t smoke, so that’s saying something.

… and…

This story you hold now was shocking to me as I read through it. Having read much of Marie’s erotica, I knew she had writing chops.

… and…

It has reminded me of the old iceberg metaphor in that we don’t have full visions of our online friends and acquaintances, but only that small peak that sticks above the cybersea. People forget how multifaceted the human experience is, even if we don’t see everything.

… and…

For the rest you will just have to buy my book and read all of it!

~ Marie Rebelle

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