‘Crush Flight’, Excerpt #3

ExcerptLast week I didn’t have time to share anything with you. I’m just so busy with work and life, but also with editing my book. My deadline is to send the final text to the publisher on Valentine’s day. This week, however, I made time to share another excerpt with you:

Mattie smiled at him and put the tray on the small round table between the two armchairs. Joe sat right on the edge of one of the two armchairs, his elbows resting on the armrests. He rubbed his hands and wrung them together as if washing them. Mattie still smiled, secretly enjoying the effect she seemed to have on him. This surprised her. She was unfamiliar with this side of her personality. Under different circumstances, she would chatter away and put a person at ease with her talking, but she couldn’t find any words. Mattie busied her hands with the tea, pouring each of them a cup.
“Do you take sugar?” she asked Joe.
“Sugar, no milk, thanks,” Joe said, and he was grateful to take the cup from her. He needed something in his hands to keep them still. Mattie poured milk in her tea before she held the plate with cookies out to him. Joe ate a biscuit and emptied his cup of tea in one gulp. He looked at Mattie and remembered why he was there.
“So, you want a table?” he asked.
“Yes, I want a small table where I can have my meals,” Mattie answered.
“Where do you want it?”
Joe looked around the room as he waited for Mattie’s answer. He saw no space for a table, no matter how small he made it. Maybe she wanted it in the kitchen? However, Mattie explained that the showcase would be moved to her daughter’s place and then that corner of the room would become the dining area. She had no other space for a table, but she was tired of having her meals on a tray on her knees. Joe stood up and retrieved the tape measure from his back pocket. He walked to the corner she indicated and took the measurements.
“Shall I pour us more tea while you’re busy?”
Mattie asked and Joe nodded. He was done in a few minutes and when he sat down again, Mattie passed him his cup of tea.
“So, what’s the verdict?” she asked.
“Huh?” Joe looked at her, not understanding what she meant.
“Can you make me a table?”
“Ah!” Joe laughed, “of course I can. I can make you anything you want. But I guess you want to know whether I can make a table that fits there?”

Hope you liked it!

~ Marie Rebelle

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