Building Houses

As we wandered on after we had done the ‘bike rack’ notch for the Scavenger Hunt, the street seemed to be busier than it was before. We walked on and then learned that there was a movie house where apparently the movie was just done and people were going home. Some of them stayed on the sidewalk, talking, others walked to their cars and yet again others walked home. We had to skip a couple of notches we wanted, such as the traffic sign I had been wanting for so long now.

We rounded a corner and there it was, the next location: construction site.

A new high-rise building with flats is being built on the Wilhelminapier. These are expensive homes and even though we would love to live in Rotterdam, we will probably never live on the Wilhelminapier, unless we win the lottery or my business becomes incredibly succesful!

20151101 (37a)wm scavenger construction
It was dark outside, but behind me was a huge construction site…
(click to enlarge)

The construction of this building will probably be done in a couple of months, but with this Scavenger Hunt notch we have made building it part of our history.

Have you done a Scavenger Hunt yet? Come on, it’s fun and you can earn your own badges. Otherwise you can just follow the links and see other locations from other participants.

This is my 52nd Scavenger Hunt location.


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