The Talker: An Introduction (1)

finallymeetRemember my post ‘Playdates‘? At the end of it I said I would introduce Major Eric and The Talker. You’ve ‘met’ Major Eric last week and now it’s time to introduce The Talker. What is really remarkable is that both The Talker and Major Eric showed their interest in the same weekend. As I have said in my post about playdates, we really want longterm connections, but it’s oh so difficult to meet people who feel the same. It seems we have struck the jackpot.

After our meeting with Major Eric and having Master T deviate entirely from the way we normally do first meetings, I had no idea what to expect of the meeting with The Talker. We were meeting in the lobby-restaurant of a hotel with no plans for having dinner together, so in a way I expected that it would be only a talk this time, to see whether there mutual click in real life was the same as on social media. I wasn’t nervous at all when we drove to the hotel. In fact, I was looking forward to the meeting after the nice chats I had with this gentleman.

Master T and I were at the hotel first and immediately saw that all the more or less discreet corners were already occupied by other people. We sat down in front of the fireplace and I sent The Talker a message where he could find us.

Just a side note: The reason I call him The Talker will become clear later.

We were there for about 10 minutes when I saw him approaching us. Halfway to us he started smiling, and so did I. Suddenly a bit of nerves came up, but once he had given each of us a hand and sat down, the nerves were gone. We ordered drinks and started talking. Lots of questions were asked and answered, from one side to the other and back. I remember Master T saying that he loves giving me to other men to be used, and he loves to watch. That made me blush, as The Talker looked at me, but not only at my face. He really took in all of me, looking from my face to my cleavage and down to my legs and shoes. His eyes moved back up again and when they reached mine, he smiled.

Master T emphasized our one golden rule: we are always together. He also said that whatever The Talker wants to do with and to me, is okay. He warned The Talker that if he wanted me to give him a blow job, he would have to say so, because I never take initiative. I blushed when Master T told The Talker that I give the best blow jobs; that he believed I should make an instruction video.

The Talker had some questions too. He wanted to know if we have more people we play with and if we find it okay if he plays with others too. On the first question we answered yes, and on the second we said that in no way will we ever forbid him to see others. We don’t want to be claimed and we will never claim others. We are into it for the long run, for the mutual fun, the sexual experiences and the excitement. A couple of times The Talker said how special it was to meet a couple who are so open towards each other and share what Master T and I do.

Everyday things and interests were discussed, but also specific things. During the conversation, I noticed how The Talker increasingly let his eyes wander over my legs and my cleavage. I blushed a couple of times, because of his glances, but also because of things he said. Then, he sort of laughed, started saying something, stopped and obviously searched for words. Master T told him to just say it, as everything can be said, no matter what it was. The Talker looked at me and asked: “If I was to give you an order with your master present, would you obey it?”
Before I could answer, Master T did: “Yes.”
I confirmed it too and laughed. Suddenly I was nervous, and shy.

“I want you to spread your legs,” The Talker said and smiled at me. I spread my legs some.
“A bit more, please,” he urged and I obeyed.
He looked between my legs and I had no idea how much he could see. Could he see that I wasn’t wearing any knickers?
“Thank you, you can close them now,” The Talker said and smiled at me. I closed my legs.
“Good girl,” he said.
“You can touch her too,” Master T said.
The Talker looked around for a place where that could be done, but even though one of the more discreet corners were not occupied anymore, it was still too open to really do anything there. He suggested the lift, but when we came to the lift we realized that this might not be the best option. Master T suggested the car, and it seemed like the best option for that moment.

The car was at the far end of the parking area and no other cars were parked close to it. Master T stood outside, while The Talker and I got into the back of the car. Master T could see exactly what was happening and throughout what happened, I frequently looked at him. That’s just my thing, whenever we have a playdate, I want to make eye contact with Master T. I know he wants others to use me, within my boundaries, and he enjoys watching, but still I want to make sure that he’s okay with it. At that moment, he was. He nodded and smiled every time our eyes met.

To be continued… The Talker: An Introduction (2)

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6 thoughts on “The Talker: An Introduction (1)

  1. Oh what fun!!! Yay for togetherness and sexiness 🙂 I am enjoying your increasing confidence in obedience. 🙂 that comes across with your writing and new experiences xxx

  2. Oh wow. You’re living out the fantasies that SSir and I have discussed but (so far) haven’t done much with. He sounds nice, and I *love* that he said, “Good girl.” 😀

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