Ten Search Terms

I couldn’t choose a search term without writing something I have done before. I decided to do it differently this month and use the ten search terms that I shared as a prompt.

Blow Job Stories Swallow

There has been a time where I didn’t swallow when I sucked a man, but then I met Master T. He was the first man I ever sucked and swallowed, and after that more followed.

Without Bra Panty Sexy Stories

As you might know, one of my standing orders is that I am not allowed to wear underwear on a Sunday, no matter whether we are home or have to be somewhere. Wearing no panties to my work has been a punishment before. I like not wearing panties, but it being a punishment is not nice at all. For Sexy Searching I have once written a story about wearing no panties.

Pillory + BDSM

I have only been in secured in a pillory once, and it wasn’t for long. There was some spanking, some whipping, some fingering. I wouldn’t mind to be placed in a pillory again, and used.

Eating Pussy

I’ve had sex with one woman on several occasions in a period of two years and I hope it will happen again. But, there’s a another woman whom I can’t wait to have more intimate times with.

Painful Medfet

We haven’t engaged in any painful medical fetish, but we have played with a speculum before, something that intrigues me every time we use it!

BDSM Punishment

I have blogged about different kinds of punishment before, such as punished by plug or punished by orgasm. But, I have also blogged about spankings and whether I experience it as punishment or pleasure.

He Fukced Me In Mouth

There’s a difference between having Master T in my mouth when I’m sucking him, or when he fucks my mouth. In the first I can be in control, but in the last, the control is totally his.

Fisting Porn Stories

Quite early in our relationship, Master T fisted me for the first time. With him I get so incredibly wet and am so relaxed, that it’s easier for me to relax and take his fist in my cunt. We have, however, also experienced with anal fisting but up to now have not succeeded in it fully.

Slave Day Collar

When Master T collared me, I wanted to wear his collar all the time. It took some time to find my first day collar but sadly it had some nickel in it, which eventually left me with a rash. We kept on searching for a piece of jewelry to use as a day collar, and finally found one at Swarovski.

Edging Orgasm Control

We have experienced with edging before, after I have been ‘stupid’ enough to ask for it. In a way I love edging, love the way I control my orgasm, have to stop right on the edge, love to find the line between stopping and not being able to stop anymore. About a month ago we bought a new toy and that thing is potent! I wonder how it would be to use this toy as an ‘edging device’. I wonder how long I will be able to stop myself from having an orgasm when I use this toy. But, I have learned my lesson… I will not suggest it!

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