Taxi On Water

There’s a lot of water in this country, which come as no surprise to many. Major rivers run through it, big ships moor on its shores, such as at the Wilhelminapier which I spoke about in my previous Scavenger Hunt post. I think it’s quite obvious that not only the road and trains are used for transport, but the water is too. Close to where we live we can get onto the ‘water bus’ and this will take us to Rotterdam, which by car is about 20-30 minutes away from us.

When you are in in Rotterdam and you want to get from one side of the Maas River to the other, you can of course use the bridges. However, you can also use the water taxi, which departs from different places in the city. One of those places is right outside Hotel New York, where we did this Scavenger Hunt location.

20151101 (34)wm scavenger watertaxi
Would I have dared to step onto a water taxi, dressed like this? I have absolutely no idea! Maybe I should try it next time!
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It was only after Master T had taken this image that he asked me whether I have seen the people in the restaurant of the hotel, which was about 15 meters from us, but slightly elevated. Thankfully, when I looked up, no one was paying us any attention. Or was it: sadly?

I hope ‘water taxi’ will be approved as a new location on the list.

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This is my 49th Scavenger Hunt location.


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