The Talker: An Introduction (2)

Continued from… The Talker: An Introduction (1)

The Talker took my hand the moment the doors closed behind us. I noticed that his hands were not much bigger than mine.
“It’s so nice to finally meet you,” he said and smiled. I smiled back and echoed his words. We leaned closer and kissed. His hand slipped into the front of my dress and he cupped my breast, squeezed it a bit. The kiss stopped and his hand moved to my leg, pushing my dress up and moving towards my pussy. For the second time that afternoon, he asked me to spread my legs, and when I did, he had to urge me to spread it wider. His hand was on my pussy, touching, exploring. I had tights on, but no knickers. He leaned forward and looked at my crotch.

“No knickers?”
“No,” I said and blushed.
He grabbed my tights with two hands and ripped them. Excited butterflies rushed through me.
“Such a beautiful cunt.”
More butterflies.
He pushed his fingers into me.
The butterflies again.
He remarked on my piercing jewelry and moved his fingers to my clitoris. I moaned. It felt good. His fingers moved back inside me, fucking me. I asked if I could come. He granted me permission and wanted me to make it loud, but I wasn’t loud the first time. The second time I was somewhat louder than the first. He pulled his fingers from my cunt and pushed them into my mouth. I licked them clean, tasting myself.

His hand returned to my pussy and while he fingered me to a third orgasm, he talked. Softly. Sensually. My eyes were closed and being a very visual person, I saw the things he told me that he would do to me.
“Next time I see you, I’m going to lick your cunt.”
“Push a finger in your cunt.”
“Push a finger in that pretty little ass of you too.”
“Clamps on your nipples. Chain in your mouth.”
“Telling you to yank the chain, to pull those nipples up.”
“Feel the pain. Make them hurt.”
“Push my cock into your ass.”
“Slow. I want you to feel me entering you.”
“Vein. By. Vein.”
The more he talked, the closer my orgasm got and soon I was asking for permission again, which was granted. My third orgasm might have been the loudest of the three. Again I licked his fingers clean.
“Good girl.”

The Talker asked me to pull my dress up. He wanted to see my bottom. I pulled my dress up and sat forward. He grabbed the tights and tore it to the back to expose my buttocks.
“Just look at that ass, so beautiful, so round.”
I hugged the front chair and blushed, but a feeling of pride ran through me too. I always think my bottom is too big, but this man liked it just the way it is. He liked it enough to want to spank me, and he did. Damn, that hurt. Several times his hand landed high up on my buttocks. I squirmed and hugged the chair even harder.
“Do you like it?” he asked and I nodded.
“Your ass is so spankable!”

His hand disappeared under me, but then he pulled back again. He held his finger in front of my mouth and told me to get it nice and wet. I knew exactly what he was going to do. Moments later he pushed into my asshole, fingering me. Oh my god, it felt so good.
“Fuck yourself with my finger,” he said and I tried to move up and down, which wasn’t easy in the limited space. I managed somewhat and more so when his other hand touched my clit. But he pulled his hand back and while I moved up and down on his finger, he spanked my bottom again.
“I’m going to fuck your ass next time and spank you at the same time.”
This sounded really good, even though when he pulled his finger from me and concentrated on spanking me, it really hurt. But the moment he stopped, I wanted more.

We kissed again.
“I want you to feel me now,” The Talker said and I put my hand in his crotch. Soon this was not enough anymore. The Talker wanted me to suck him. In the cramped space of the backseat he took his cock and balls out of his pants. While he did, I looked at Master T for the umpteenth time. He smiled at me and it was as if he was urging me on to do what I know I had to do.
The Talker wasn’t hard. Yet. I took him in my mouth and started sucking and licking him. Up and down, in deep and licking the tip, my hand on his balls. He grew harder in my mouth. He tasted good. He smacked my ass a couple of times while I sucked him and this urged me on.
“Now lick my balls.”
I did.
“Just enough time for you to suck me a bit more.”
I took him in my mouth again and came to a point where I wanted to get him off, but I knew our time was limited. Indeed, soon he stopped me. He had to go.


To say there’s a click with The Talker is almost an understatement. I definitely look forward to the next meeting, where we will have a lot more room than we did in the back of the car. And, I know The Talker is looking forward to it too.

On our way back home, Master T looked at me and what he said melted me, made me blush, made me feel proud, made me feel all kinds of good things.
“I’ve trained you to obey, and you’re doing what I expect you to do. You make me proud.”

I’m sure The Talker will feature in more posts in the future, and I definitely look forward to hearing him calling me the filthiest of names.

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  1. Gosh, whilst I can’t ever imagine being ok with being in a situation like that myself, it’s hot as hell reading about others adventures!
    And the way Master T spoke to you afterwards is poetry, even those few words. I love when Sir tells me he’s proud of me, so I can relate to thathappy feeling xx

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