Spanking Love

An over-the-knee spanking, you say?

Yes please! Pretty, pretty please!

Offer me an OTK spanking and I will jump at the opportunity to get one. The only time I would not like an OTK spanking is when it’s done as punishment. But that’s not what this post is about. This is about those enjoyable spankings, the ones that calm me and ground me. The ones I sometimes crave when my mind’s upset and I’m feeling restless.

OTK spankings is not something we do a lot, simply because of the noise it causes. Sometimes I feel irritated that we cannot do it at home, especially when I crave it. But it is what it is.

What is it about a OTK spanking that I like? Short answer… everything! But, there is a longer answer…

There is something very intimate about being across his lap, my bottom exposed. The first moments I’m worrying more about his comfort than I worry about my own. The moment I feel his hand on my buttock, my muscles tense. I know what’s coming and I’m bracing myself for it. The first slap always startle me. He slaps each buttock once, then stop and softly rub my flesh. Then he spanks me again, sometimes only once on each buttock, and sometimes a volley of several slaps. In between he rubs my reddening behind.

In the beginning I am tense. It hurts, but I want more. I don’t want him to stop. I brace myself for the slaps and sometimes try to get away from the hurt. Sometimes this phase last for five minutes, sometimes for longer. I don’t like – hate it even – when an OTK stops before I reach the phase where I let go. I’ve been told that my surrender is visible. My muscles relax. I can take longer volleys. I stop squirming.

I never notice that I stop squirming. What I do notice is what happens in my head. In my head I have a mantra: ‘go on, spank me, go on, spank me, go on, spank me’. Over and over again I say this, but then it stops. My mind goes empty. I float. I relax completely, so much so that I am drowsy when the spanking stops. I always need time after these kind of OTK spankings. Afterwards I’m relaxed. Grounded.

20151003 (27awm) spankings
Master T spanking my bottom
(click to enlarge)

Of course I wanted to know Master T’s opinion about OTK spankings and what he gets from it. He’s always very short with words, but this time his answer was longer: he likes spanking me. He likes to hurt me without using any implements. Just skin on skin. Seeing my behind turning red under his hand gives him a satisfied feeling. When someone else spanks me, he loves watching my responses. He wants to see me hurt and enjoys my reactions to it. He thinks it’s beautiful when I’m squirming on the lap of another.
Right, we all knew Master T is a sadist, right?

The fact that I am able to surrender myself totally to the one doing the spanking, that I submit myself to be hurt, is what makes an OTK spanking special for me.

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  1. I love how you describe OTK, I’m so eager to have my first. I really have no idea why we haven’t as yet but now we have a bigger space and I’m unlikely to kick the wall it means we can experience it now!

  2. I love OTK spankings, we have the same problem as you with noise though. I’d love to get them more 🙂

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