Major Eric Introduced (2)

Continued from… Major Eric Introduced (1)

We found a table in the restaurant with a wooden partition on one side, separating it from the table on the one side. I took place in the corner and Major Eric sat down next to me. Master T sat down on the other side, across from Major Eric.
“Pull up your dress,” he said and I did.
Major Eric’s hand was on my leg instantly. He started at my knee and move upward, then back down again. I blushed, but enjoyed. The waitress came to take our drink orders and give us menus to choose what we wanted to eat. When she stood next to the table, Major Eric pulled his arm back, but the moment she was gone, his hand was back.

“Are you wet?” Master T asked.
I blushed profusely and at first didn’t know what to say, but when I saw the look on Master T’s face I knew I had to answer.
“I think you should check,” Master T said to Major Eric, who immediately move his hand to my pussy. I sighed. So many things excited me at that moment. Never before had something like this happened on a first date. First dates were never about something sexual, not sexual acts anyway. There I was, sitting with my legs spread, my husband on the other side of a table and the hand of a man I met mere hours before on my pussy, checking whether I am wet.
“It’s difficult to feel, as there’s too much fabric,” Major Eric said.

Before I could respond, Master T spoke.
“Let’s have our dinner. We’re parked in a darker spot. You can check her at the car.”
I look at him with big eyes.
“Right?” Master T said, waiting for my answer. I nodded.
We had dinner and Major Eric’s hand frequently returned to my leg. After dinner we walked out to the car. I knew what was expected of me. I put my bag in the car, opened my coat and pulled up my dress. I pulled down my tights, held my dress around my middle and turned around. We were standing between the two car doors and Master T was standing in such a way that he blocked the view from the rest of the parking area. He had a perfect view on Major Eric and me. Major Eric had his hand between my legs and soon his finger was inside me, confirming that I was wet.

I thought that was it, but it wasn’t. I stood up and turned around. Major Eric pulled me against him and kissed me. I kissed back but soon broke the kiss off, looking at Master T. I wanted to know that what was happening had his approval, but of course I should have known it did. He nodded and smiled. Major Eric’s fingers found my pussy again. He fingered me and soon I was moaning. When I felt my orgasm nearing I looked at Master T and asked if I my climax. He nodded. Major Eric and I kissed again and he hugged me to him. His fingers were still on my pussy and soon in it again. Another orgasm followed, after I had asked Master T for permission again. I thought that it had lasted long enough and sort of pulled away. The idea of this all was to check whether I was wet and that had been checked and confirmed. That was what went through my head, but the next minutes proved that I shouldn’t think, but do what is expected of me.

Major Eric told me that I had excited him and that I should feel. He opened his pants and I pushed my hand in. He was warm and hard. Yes, definitely excited. I rubbed his cock for a while, but had no idea whether I should continue or stop. I thought about stopping, might even have pulled my hand back, but then continued. Soon he was breathing hard and I knew he was going to come. ‘Practical Marie’ immediately thought about clothes. He was wearing a black suit, I was wearing a black coat. If he would shoot his load over us, it would be a mess. I was just in time to hold my hand over the head of his cock and felt the warm fluids pulsing into my hand. I waited a moment for Major Eric to get is breathing under control again and then pulled a packet of tissues from my coat pocket, not letting go of his cock. I gave him one tissue and then took one out for myself. We cleaned up as best as we could… him his cock, me my hand.

We hugged and kissed again, Major Eric and Master T shook hands and then Master T and I got into the car. As we drove away I started laughing – nervous, excited, amazed.
“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! What have I done?” I said with my hands in front of my face, still laughing. Giggling, actually.
“You did what I expected of you,” Master T said. “You didn’t question me, you just obeyed and did what I wanted you to do.”
I just looked at him, thought racing through my head.
“I’m proud of you,” Master T said as he held my hand.

firsttime1In the days after this remarkable first meeting with Major Eric I learned that during my two restroom visits, the men had discussed what would happen later during the evening. But what I cared about the most is how proud Master T was and is of me, for doing what I was told to do and not questioning it, the way I might have done it even just a couple of months before.
“This is what I have trained you for all along,” He said one night when I lay in his arms, “to obey me without question.”

Yes, I am proud of myself.

Of course, more of Major Eric will follow in future posts.

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