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Last week I blogged about playdates and promised I would introduce Major Eric to you.

It just so happened that someone I have been talking to on and off for some time – Major Eric – suddenly showed a bit more interest than he had shown in the preceding months. Before I knew, he and Master T were talking to each other in private. Things moved incredibly quickly and less than two weeks after that first contact, we were on our way to the first date.

First dates are about checking whether there’s a click in real life the same there is online. I was already talking to the gentleman too and the online contact was a mixture of fun and serious subjects. I wasn’t nervous for the first date, maybe because we have already chatted to each other quite some. I knew the date would be more than only having a drink or two together, since we have already decided that we would have dinner together. Now I have to tell you that I was intrigued with this gentleman, especially when he told me that he was in the defense force. In a previous life in another country I was in the defense force too and a uniform just holds a kind of magic over me. Still, even if someone is in uniform, I need to know whether there is a click or not.

It was busy in the restaurant bar when we walked in. Major Eric was already there and the first moments were awkward, the way I knew they would be. It always feels different to see someone right across from me than talking to them online. We had our first drinks at a table and as soon as people moved away from the couches, we moved there. By then the ice was broken and Master T told me to sit on the couch next to Major Eric. Master T took place on the chair to my right and Major Eric was to my left. There were moments I blushed, moments we laughed and I felt Major Eric’s hand on my back, on my leg and even on my ass. My dress moved up on my legs and when I pulled it down a bit, Major Eric pushed it back up and at the same time, Master T told me to leave it.

During the afternoon we discussed a lot, but the most important was to discuss the future. It was clear that playdates would follow, so that was discussed. Major Eric had a BDSM checklist with him that I completed, so he would know what my soft and hard limits are. Somewhere during the afternoon the dynamic changed, but I only realized it just before we moved to the restaurant to have dinner. We were talking about my dress again and Master T made a remark about wearing knickers. I admitted that I was wearing them. He asked me why, but I couldn’t answer him. I had my reasons for it, but I kept those to myself because at that moment it sounded incredibly silly. The conversation moved to other things and then, just as I had one more sip in my glass, Master T looked at me. I recognized the look. Strict.

“When your glass is empty, we are going to the restaurant to have dinner. On our way there, you are going to the ladies to take off your knickers,” he said, his eyes fixed on mine.
I smiled and suppressed the urge to giggle.
“In the restaurant you will sit in a corner next to Major Eric, pull your dress up and keep your legs spread. The major must be able to feel what he wants to feel.”
Now I couldn’t suppress a nervous laughter anymore. Master T scolded me for this, even though he knew it was nerves on my side. With my eyes I tried to question him: this is not supposed to happen on a first date. He just looked at me and in his eyes I saw that he was serious. No doubt at all. I had to do what was expected of me, I had to believe in myself, that I could do it. With this I also knew that Master T approved of Major Eric, and frankly, it excited me to know his hands would be high up on my leg during dinner. At that moment, I had no idea what would follow, all of which were apparently discussed during my absence when I went to the restrooms twice.

On our way to the restaurant, I went to the restroom again. I took my knickers off, put them in my bag, washed my hands and walked out of the restrooms. Master T and Major Eric were waiting right outside in the lobby, right across from the restrooms.
“Show us,” Master T said and I looked at him in shock, but only for a split second.
I stepped back against the door of the restrooms and pulled my dress up. I was wearing sheer pantyhose and it was clear that I was not wearing knickers anymore.

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