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Kissing is not one of my kinks, but I do like kissing. This was my first thought when I saw the topic for Kink of the Week, but then I did more thinking and realized that I don’t always like kissing. I thought about the different ‘lovers’ I have kissed in the last year and saw that there were quite some differences, depending on who I’m kissing.

I will try to explain…

Kissing other men

In the past year or two, I have kissed several other men. All of the kisses happened during dates we had, the most recent two being first dates. Kissing with some of them was most enjoyable, and with others, well not so much. It’s not that I resented the kissing of those I didn’t enjoy so much, it’s just simply that I didn’t enjoy it that much. One of the reasons why I didn’t enjoy it is because I felt it excluded Master T. Another reason is that, depending on my mood, I just don’t want to kiss. Kissing is intimate and there are times when it crossed my mind to tell the men who we have playdates with, that kissing is off limits, that it’s something I save for Master T only. But then again, when you’re in a ‘scene’ eventually kissing can contribute to the pleasure. Master T doesn’t mind me kissing other men though. This is all about me and my feelings.

I think that mostly when kissing another man it depends on my mood whether I want to kiss him or not. And one thing I really don’t like, is when kissing is going on and on and on and on. I tend to be the one who breaks it off, because I just don’t like those long lingering kisses, except with Master T.

Kissing women

20151004 (14wm) woods kiss
I was asked to pose, holding the chain, but the kiss was spontaneous
(click to enlarge)

Now, kissing a woman is a totally different thing. In the past years I have kissed only two women, and kissing them have been more than enjoyable, but in very different ways. I had a connection with both of them, otherwise I would not have enjoyed the kissing, but the connection with the second (in the image to the right) was much more intense and far more natural than with the other. I have to admit that I have had my eyes on this beautiful woman for almost 3 years before we lay hands on each other for the first time. She is beautiful and smart and sexy and possible the kindest soul I have ever met. When I was with either of them, I didn’t feel that Master T was excluded when I kissed them, like I felt with kissing men. I could put all of myself in the kiss, enjoy every second of it. And I did!

Kissing Master T

As said, with Master T I love those long, lingering kisses. When our tongues lightly touch, our breathing is labored, his hands are on my body and our tongues seem to follow the excitement we both feel… that’s when I love for a kiss to go on and on and on and on. But, ONLY with Master T. Those kisses make my pussy tingle and crave his touch. They intensify my orgasms. They wake up the lust in my body.

Master T and I kiss several times a day. We kiss each other good morning, every morning. We kiss each other goodbye when we leave to go to work. We kiss each other hello when we get back from work. And, every night in bed, we kiss each other good night. This has been so from the very beginning and it’s still like this, after being together for almost 14 years. It will always be like this.


I love to kiss Master T.

I love to kiss women, but I love it more when the connection is entirely natural.

I like to kiss other men, but it depends on my mood, the situation we are in and I don’t like the kisses to be too long.

Kissing is not a kink, but it is something I enjoy.

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4 thoughts on “Kiss Me Once…

  1. Firstly, I LOVE that image, it made me stop as I scrolled through Twitter yesterday and it completely distracted Sir from his Xbox as I read this article!

    Secondly, I found myself nodding the whole way through this, I don’t really enjoy kissing other men, I do enjoy kissing other women but most of all I love kissing Sir. It’s all about connection for me.

  2. I love kissing, but only Sir. I find the intimacy of it exhilarating, with him, but to kiss someone else would feel strange to me. I hated kissing my ex, it made me feel ill, but then there were other things going on which caused that….

    I love the image of you kissing the other woman, it’s powerful yet softly sensual…kissing women is a much softer experience, for me, although it’s been an absolute age since I last did it!!

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