‘Crush Flight’, Excerpt #2

puzzlepieceI am into the last heavy week of editing my book, ‘Crush Flight’ (working title). The last three weeks have been hard. I unexpectedly had to work more hours for my boss, which meant that most of the editing had to happen in the weekend. I worked out a schedule according to which I wanted to do it and am proud to say that I did it! This coming week I will do the last round of editing and then I can send the almost-final version of my book to my publisher. Two more editing rounds will follow, but only after the publisher has prepared the book for printing. I’m excited!

In the meantime, I have received the text for the foreword of my book. You cannot imagine the huge smile the words have put on my face. More information on this will follow too, probably next week.

This week, I share with you a second excerpt of ‘Crush Flight’:

Joe needed to know the exact measurements for the table. Instead of asking his friend for this information, he asked for the woman’s telephone number so he could call her to make an appointment. Several days later he rang the bell to her apartment. Joe was temporary shocked into silence when she opened the door. The woman in front of him was approximately his age. Her appearance blew his mind. She was beautiful with her silver gray hair and sparkling blue eyes. Despite her age, the skin on her face was smooth and well taken care of, as was the skin on her soft hands. She was immaculately dressed, but not in an ‘old woman’ way.
“I’m… er… uh… I’m… uh…” Joe stuttered.
“You’re Joe,” the woman said, “and you’re here for the table. I’m Mattie. Please come in,” she said in a soft and friendly voice.
Joe stepped inside. He was immediately in awe of this woman. There was something in her demeanor that attracted him in a way he couldn’t resist. He didn’t want to resist it. In fact, he was so blown away that he forgot about the table. He wanted to get to know her. For the first time since his wife died four years earlier, a woman awakened his interest again.

Even though Mattie appeared to be confident when she invited Joe into her home, she wasn’t. For the first time in years, she had butterflies in her stomach. She noticed the way Joe looked at her and instantly recognized it as being more than just general interest. It flattered her that he seemed to be overwhelmed enough to stutter, but it did nothing to quiet down the excited butterflies. Thankfully, she knew how to hide her shaking hands and the fact that she was just as taken aback as Joe was: tea. Tea was always the solution! She ushered him to the living room and told him she would make them some tea. Neither she, nor Joe noticed that she didn’t even check whether he liked tea. In the kitchen she busied herself with putting cups and saucers on a tray and teaspoons on the saucers next to the cups. She put biscuits on a separate plate and the plate onto a tray and a small sugar bowl and a tiny milk jug joined the rest. By then the water boiled. She put a tea bag into the teapot that matched the sugar bowl and milk jug, poured water in it and put the lid on. Mattie took the tray to the living room where Joe sat in a chair, wringing his hands together.

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~ Marie Rebelle

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