‘Crush Flight’, Excerpt #1

excerptLast week I announced that I have already signed a contract to have my book published. I am still very busy editing, but in the coming weeks I will be sharing excerpts with you. Through the excerpts you will meet the different characters in the book and learn a little bit about their lives.

The pieces of text I will share are like puzzle pieces that eventually will fit together when you read my novel.

This is the first excerpt:

Cathy came from wealthy parents and had moved in middle-class social circles from a young age. About two years ago she had enough of the snobbish attitudes in those circles. Men pretended to be the perfect husbands while they fucked around with their wives’ best friends and women constantly visited spa retreats for treatments they believed kept them young. Cathy never seemed to fit in with the others. She was always the odd one out. She went to a spa retreat with her mother and three of her mother’s friends on two occasions, but both times it bored her after the first hour. Cathy preferred to stay busy. She didn’t like spending her days under tanning lights or having her nails painted or her feet massaged. It was not even the activities as such that bored her, but the endless tea-drinking, together with the senseless chatter and the compulsory afternoon naps. Her mom was upset when Cathy declined to join them a third time, but Cathy refused to change her mind.

Being of middle-class parents had its benefits. Cathy received a superb education. Her parents had opted to enroll her in a private school, which only the ‘rich kids’ attended. It was nothing different from a normal school, except that her parents had to pay a huge sum each year for her tuition. Mean kids were everywhere, no matter their parentage. There was no question whether Cathy would go to university, because money was never a problem. She studied Business Administration, but didn’t stop after she had her Bachelor’s degree. There was no need for her to start work just yet, so she continued studying for three more years until she had her Master’s degree where she specialized in international marketing. Only then she looked for a job. Her father wanted her to take a job in his company, but again she went against the norm of the higher-class and refused. She landed a job with another company where she started at the bottom of the corporate ladder. Cathy worked hard to get herself to where she was now: head of a small marketing department. She loved her job, and she was good at it.

The only thing in which Cathy saw herself as unsuccessful, was finding a life partner. This was much to the despair of her mother who couldn’t wait to see her daughter – her only child – in an extravagantly expensive wedding dress. Cathy knew that would bring on the next disappointment for her mother, because she wanted something simple and classic. She didn’t share her mother’s love for earthly goods and lust for status. Her mother had tried many times to introduce her to unmarried men during huge dinner parties held at her parents’ house, but without success. Cathy’s taste in men differed hugely from that of her mother. All the men at her parents’ dinner parties worked for her father. They all hoped to marry the boss’s daughter and climb the career ladder quicker than their peers. This disgusted Cathy to the point where she often declined her mother’s dinner invitations, claiming that she had to work.

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~ Marie Rebelle

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