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The last time we had a playdate was back in November. The Traveler visited us that weekend and as he always does, he brought his own condoms. And, forgot to take them back home with him. Or maybe he deliberately left the condoms with us, so no one back home might find it.

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The Traveler’s Condoms
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Whatever the case, those condoms got me thinking…

I am about to turn 49 and in all my forty-nine years on planet earth, I have not once put a condom on a cock. Oh, I have been fucked by men who wore a condom, but they had all put it on themselves. I have also been fucked by ‘condomless’ cocks, which in hindsight was very irresponsible, but to my defense: I grew up in the pre-AIDS period and I was on the pill. Thinking about the risks I have taken back then, it sends a shiver down my spine.

Back to condoms. The very first time I even looked at a condom, I was twenty. Condoms were always a hush-hush thing, but I was curious about them. Not about the ‘normal’ ones, but the ribbed ones. I wondered how it would feel to be fucked when a man had a ribbed condom on his cock. I found out, eventually, and I didn’t like it. It left me feeling bruised inside. Did we use lube, you ask? I can’t remember. What I do remember is that I preferred to be fucked without a condom. I was on the pill anyway.

Some men (this is still back in my younger years) preferred to use condoms, purely to make sure a woman doesn’t fall pregnant. The first time I insisted on the man using a condom, was when I emigrated in 1994. And even more so when I learned that a friend of mine had AIDS, and he was infected in the time that I was fucked without condom, oblivious of the dangers. Like I said, I was on the pill, so pregnancy (in my mind) was not a problem.

How it happened that I have never put a condom on a cock, I don’t know. I guess the men always preferred doing it themselves and I prefer it this way too. I mean, a man is a lot quicker putting it on than I would be, right? I will be nervous as hell if I have to do it. Oh, I know how you should do it, but still I’m afraid I will be terribly clumsy. Another thought just struck me: I never even watch when a man puts a condom on himself to fuck me. Mostly I’m so horny, all I want is to be fucked.

So, you see, the Traveler’s condoms got me thinking… I don’t necessarily want to learn how to put a condom on a cock. I pretty much prefer it the way it is now, that the men do that themselves and I will gladly offer them my pussy to ‘stick it in’. That was written with a huge smile on my face.

For those of you – women I mean – who want to learn how to put a condom on a cock, look for a local course (yes, there really are courses for this) or watch the video below.

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5 thoughts on “Condom Thoughts

  1. The last time I tried to put one on someone it was awful! Totally deflated the guy with my awkward cackhandedness … So yeah but maybe it can be erotic. Just need to frame it right and I think get tutored through it 🙂

  2. This is an excellent and thoughtful post. Thanks for the video. It can be erotic to be “gloved” by a woman but it may involve fumbling. It certainly lightens the mood of a nervous first time.

  3. Oh yes . . . Condoms are a MUST Marie! . . . I NEVER leave home without some!!!
    I sometimes find opening the packets frustrating at “those particular moments in time” . . . especially if my fingers are slippery! . . . but I actually enjoy applying, or “helping” to put them on for my lover.
    I have tried the “put them on my tongue and roll them down with my mouth” trick . . . but usually end up giggling and having to finish the job with my fingers.
    I try to make it a bit fun so as not let the moment spoil the passion. But . . . as I say . . . NEVER leave home without some!!!
    Xxx – K

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