Third Christmas Day

The last two days I posted some Christmas images for…

… the First Christmas Day and…

… the Second Christmas Day.

But it seems that this year, we also have a Third Christmas Day.

I have heard several people discussing their plans for Christmas and some of them said:
‘On the third Christmas day, we are going to…’

Now apparently, when the 27th of December falls in the weekend and we don’t have to work, some people call it the third Christmas Day. For Sinful Sunday I have decided to do this too and post one last 2015 Christmas image…

20151221 (17wm) Christmas
What do you think this reindeer is so happy about?

And can we now get back to a normal routine again?

Oh no wait, we still have to do New Year’s Eve!

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16 thoughts on “Third Christmas Day

  1. So very festive & very creative. Love it. Photos with miniature toys are very popular these days, but most of them don’t have such a sexy background.
    (and I love the updated website)

  2. I first looked at this one on my phone and it took me a second to realize that it was not some sort of felt puppet thing. I was like, why would a puppet have a vulva? And then I’m like, oh wait, fuck, that’s snow. XD My tiny phone screen has made me miss all sorts of things in pics this week. lol. Very cool effect.

  3. I don’t think it’s real snow? If it is, it’s so cold it’s not melting at all.

    I just had a conversation with the Dom about whether I’d go sit in the snow if he ordered it…

    1. I had some snow bottled last year and used it for this image *giggles*
      Nope, it’s snow from a can 🙂

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