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This is the fourth week of the Food for Thought Friday meme and I was quite excited when I saw the question of the week:

So, for this week “Food For Thought Friday”, we are turning our attention to the subject of Fuck Buddies/Friends with Benefits.

Is it possible to have a long-term “no-strings” sexual relationship?


As you all know, Master T and I are married, but we are not monogamous. Neither are we polyamorous or swingers. We have our own kind of monogamy ( as we allow others into our intimate lives. When we embark on sexual adventures, Master T and I are always together.

Who do we have sexual adventures with?

Our contacts had always seem to start on Twitter and when there’s a click and the underlying tone is one of wanting more from and of each other, we make an appointment to meet in real life. Normally, I am the one flirting with others online and then once they show interest for an appointment, I point them to Master T. He then arranges a first meeting. This first meeting can be with a man or a woman or a couple, and those first meetings are to see whether things click in real life the same they do online.
Oh, and please, not all first meetings we have are because we want sex with the person. Sometimes we have first meetings simply because we like talking to someone and want to meet them in real life too.

Once things click in real life, we go to the next step: a second meeting. This second meeting has a totally different nature. It’s all about sex. Master T never has sex with anyone other than me, but he loves giving me to others to use. Do I like it? Yes, of course I do. Otherwise I would never have agreed to it. I think I have the best of both worlds. This is something very special that Master T and I share and it’s lovely to share it with others, to have exciting sexual experiences.

So how about the question, the long-term “no-strings” sexual relationship?

When we meet someone, we are into it for the long run. We don’t want a first meeting to check for a mutual click, then a second meeting for the sex and then nothing anymore. No, what we want is that first meeting, then a second, third, fourth, fifth, and so forth! We are into it for long-term relationships and with absolutely no strings attached. The only ‘string’ that’s attached is that I have to really like the person. Obviously. It’s not only about the click, but about wanting to be touched by the man or woman across from me. Intimately touched. Only then, will we move on to another meeting. We will never make claims on the time of the man or woman we engage with and we will not allow them to make any claims on us. Claiming is a deal breaker.

We are lucky enough to have these kind of long-term “no-strings” sexual relationships. We are even about to embark on two new journeys, which I totally believe will become long-term relationships too. More about this will follow in the new year. Sometimes weeks go by without talking to the people we currently have long-term “no-strings” sexual relationships with and sometimes we don’t see them for months. But we always know that when we speak to them or see them again, it will be like old times and all the time in between will disappear.

Is there a downside?

Unfortunately, there is. I put a lot of energy into relationships, even though it’s ‘no-strings attached’. If I see people drifting away, it saddens me. Some relationships have come to an end and that have driven me to tears, because I am always sad to see people go. But then still, I won’t claim, I won’t beg, I won’t do anything that’s against the unwritten rules, because after all, it’s a no-strings relationship.

So, is it possible to have a long-term “no-strings” sexual relationship?

Yes, it is! The only ties that bind are the mutual sexual pleasures we share when we are together, nothing more.

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