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My mind wandered to that one thing Master T would like to see, and which intrigues me enough to think about it too. More about that later.

I looked at the questions Jane has asked in her intro:

But how do you feel about semen? The look, the taste, the smell—the act of it being placed on or inside you? Has porn influenced your perceptions of being come on at all and do you find the idea of being ejaculated on degrading or empowering? Are there any parts of your body that you particularly love a man to ejaculate on?


How do I feel about semen?
There was a time that when I sucked a man’s cock, I made sure to stop long before he was close to climaxing. I didn’t want him to come in my mouth. The mere thought of it totally nauseated me. Then one day (by then I had already met Master T) I had a conversation with a cousin of mine and it happened to be about blow jobs. I told her that I was afraid I might not like the taste. (I am like that with food too: if I don’t know it and it doesn’t look tasty, I won’t try it as I’m afraid it might taste yuck!) My cousin assured me it wasn’t that bad. She said I should think of it as yoghurt, but when I told her that I don’t like yoghurt either, she said I should pretend it’s custard. She added that it was one of the most rewarding things to do for a man. She was so lyrical about it, that I got curious enough to want to try it. On my next date with Master T, I sucked him and I kept on going and going and going until he spurted his semen in my mouth. Go figure, it didn’t taste bad at all and I even swallowed all of it.

One of the reasons why I just swallowed it, was because I didn’t and still don’t like to make a mess. Back then, if I had let his semen run out of my mouth, Master T’s pants would have been soiled and seeing the circumstances we were in back then, it might have been a disaster. I have become accustomed to swallowing him and have also swallowed other men, such as The Traveler during one of our playdates. If I have to choose whether I have to swallow semen or have it sprayed over my body, I will always choose the first. Why? Yep, we’re back to the ‘making a mess’ part again. Not only making a mess on him, but more because I don’t want to make a mess on myself. If a man (or men) ejaculate on me, it becomes a messy and sticky business and I don’t like that.

(yes, there’s always a ‘but’)

20151031 (388wm) semen breasts
After Master T has ejaculated on me…
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My focus is slowly shifting. Master T has ejaculated on me a couple of times and I am gradually learning to accept it. It doesn’t feel either degrading or empowering, but I do love to hear the satisfaction in his voice when he’s done. He praises me and I can see he’s satisfied in more way than one.

So, back to the one thing Master T would like to see…

He would like to see several men using me and then ejaculating over my body. Maybe a year ago the thought would have totally made my mind spin and I would not have been able to think clear, because the only sound in my head would have been: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
Like all things that Master T expressed that he wanted to see happening (like watching when other men use me), I also had to get used to this idea. I had to think about it, had to analyze it, had to ask myself if it’s really as bad as I envision it. I’m gradually warming to the idea, and it’s a good thing I am, as the possibility of it happening is getting bigger.

Jane mentioned porn in her introduction: Has porn influenced your perceptions of being come on at all…

Porn has not influenced my perceptions of being come on, but it might have been porn that put me off from trying to swallow semen for so many years. I only tried it in the second half of my thirties. I still cannot look at ‘cum-shots’ in a porn movie. It always seems to end with women sticking their tongues out and semen being sprayed on it, and then they do this ugly thing with their mouths where they show the camera what’s in their mouths and sort of let it run out of it. Yuck! I just cannot bear looking at that. It literally makes me nauseous. Another thing, but this has nothing to do with porn, but with experiences I have read about: if I was ordered to lick semen from another woman’s body or lick semen from the floor, I won’t do it. In this situation, and if a man would ask me to show him his semen in my mouth, I will use my safeword.

I have come to love sucking cock, even though a mere 15 years ago I was still heavily opposed to it. I have grown to love swallowing, and I am growing warmer to the idea of having several men ejaculating on my body. I never thought I would actually get to this point!

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