Seks, Genot en Grenzen – Vrouwelijke orgasme: soorten en regulering

infobdsmorgasmeBack in September I saw a request on Twitter from the Dutch Stichting Info BDSM. This is a foundation that does invaluable work to get information about BDSM to anyone who needs it. They are busy with a range of informative books and in the past I have also sent them my experiences on fisting, which has then been published.

The request this time was for women to share information about their orgasms. I expressed my interest to send them a piece of writing and was sent a list with questions as guidance. However, I already knew what I wanted to write. On my main blog, I have written a series about my orgasms. I translated that and it was accept for publication.

As said, the piece has been all about my orgasms, discussed under the following headings:
– Clitoral
– Vaginal
– G-spot
– Breasts/nipples
– Spontaneous

Sharing my experiences is something I love to do, especially when I can help someone else in the process. I want every woman to be able to have beautiful and satisfying orgasms, which is the reason why I wanted to help with this informative book.

Dutch readers can download the book for free from Stichting Info BDSM.

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