Rebel’s Year In Review (Jul – Dec 2015)

RNYearInReviewI hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas. Ours was wonderful, full of love and laughter and just enjoying a relaxed day together with good food and drink. After Christmas comes those awkward days where you wait for the end of the year, wait for New Year’s Eve and the start of a new year. Or am I the only one who find these awkward days and can’t wait to get back to a normal routine again?

Also read my first annual Wicked Wednesday roundup on the Wicked Wednesday blog.

And then, after the first part, I now give you the second part of my trip down memory lane. Enjoy!


Favorite posts of fellow bloggers:

  1. Wicked Wednesday: Self Image by Fun with Sammi – a short post, but one with so much emotion in it that it stayed with me for a long time.
  2. First Exposure by Cammies on the Floor – this is a lovely tribute to the loving and accepting community that Sinful Sunday is, the place where you can learn to love everything about yourself.
  3. Hormones by The Other Livvy – a lovely use of a Wicked Wednesday prompt that sparked some intimate and raw posts, but also a couple of brilliant stories like this one.

Favorite post of myself: Buck and Chicca
I love this story, simply because of how different it came out from what I first had in mind.

My favorite photo of myself: Hotel Habits
The lighting in this is perfect, in my opionion.

My favorite photo of my 365Project: Day 187: Hanging Pink
I’ve made a couple of photos of these lovely pink flowers and actually think all of them are stunning. This is one of my favorites, also because of the bee.

Achievements in this month:



Favorite posts of fellow bloggers:

  1. The 5 doors by Understanding Butterfly – this woman, as I have said many times before, has such a wonderful way of writing, such a raw way to put things and pull you into her mind. This post is yet another perfect example of just that.
  2. The Couple and the Coquette by Jade A. Waters – this posts speaks of a love so incredibly special.
  3. Four Love by Molly of Molly’s Daily Kiss – the love between these two people is so obvious and so beautiful, not only when Molly expresses it like this online, but also when you see them in real life, like I have had the privilege several times.

Favorite post of myself: Our Kind Of Monogamy
I’ve been doing quite a lot of thinking on the kind of relationship we have, but have no idea what to call it other than that we are happy just the way we are!

My favorite photo of myself: Upside Down
I have been trying for years to get a photo like this and finally, finally I succeeded!

My favorite photo of my 365Project: Day 222: Cosmos
I have a very soft spot for cosmos. I want these beautiful, delicate but strong flowers in my garden next year.

Achievements in this month:

  • Beck chose one of my images from June for her May/June roundup : Painfully Horny



Favorite posts of fellow bloggers:

  1. Can A Woman Be A Good Mother And Write A Sex Blog? By Erica Jagger – I love this post because it addresses things that any mother with a sex(y) blog thinks about and should think about. (Sadly this blog closes on 1 January 2016)
  2. Is it hate? Am I a fraud? By Honey – this post is raw and beautiful and sensual and sexy, all of them at the same time. How many of us ask ourselves these same questions? I think many! I know I do. How many of us have the guts to do what Honey has done here? I know I don’t.
  3. It works for us by Vanillamom – a great post that resonated with me, because every day life just changes the nature of a D/s relationship, whether you live together or not. I agree with Vanillamom: Everyone should do what works for them.

Favorite post of myself: Trigger warnings (revisited)
I have wanted to write something about trigger warnings again for such a long time, but I needed to go through the mind process after reading the posts and opinions of others.

My favorite photo of myself: Good Night, Sleep Tight
I just love how my breasts and tattoo look in this image.

My favorite photo of my 365Project: Day 272: KLM
This image was made with my mobile phone and definitely not the best of all I have posted in September, but it’s my favorite for this month because of what it stands for. There was a time when Master T and I didn’t travel, and even though the only other country we travel to is the UK, I love that we are doing it. This image symbolizes the quality time Master T and I like to spend together, whether in the UK or one night in a hotel in our own country.

Achievements in this month:



Favorite posts of fellow bloggers:

  1. What Do I Tell Her by Jade A. Waters – I think many erotica writers struggle with what to tell others when questions about what they write are asked. But, as Jade said here, tell the truth and as Molly said in her comment, you can ‘adjust’ the truth to be age appropriate.
  2. The Secret Rolls by Melina Greenport – this post totally spoke to my exhibitionist nature and the feeling that I almost always have of wanting to be used.
  3. Sex and the post-birth vagina: On peeing myself, prolapse, pelvic surgery, and pilates by Jane Gilbert – an intensely open and honest post about what can happen after giving birth.

Favorite post of myself: Morning Erection
This post is about an image that will stay in my mind for many years, and hopefully an experience that will be repeated and where I can benefit of Master T’s morning erection in a better way.

My favorite photo of myself: Simple Pleasures
Technically this is not a photo of only me, but of me and a lovely lady, one half of a couple with whom we spent a weekend together. I have never felt so at ease with another woman as I did with her.

My favorite photo of my 365Project: Day 293: Country Roads
This photo is my favorite, because it reminds me of the same weekend with the lovely couple we spent a weekend with.

Achievements in this month:

  • Chosen as the number 1 on a Dutch list of sexbloggers
  • Promotional mention of my blog on NBRplaza
  • One of my 365 images – Late Bloomer – has been chosen for a roundup on the website ‘Create with Joy



Favorite posts of fellow bloggers:

  1. And Still I Rise by Skip The Pleasantries – there’s just one word that comes to mind when I read this post: Strength!
  2. Beware the superdom, and other people who tell you they’re good in bed by Girl on the Net – in the past years I have witnessed so many BDSM relationships go totally wrong because of either a self-claimed ‘superdom’ or a ‘real sub’. Both are equally terrible, in my opinion.
  3. Where I Am Now by Illicit Thoughts – I admire the beauty in this woman, the sensual images she posts and her beautiful writing, but this post is not about that. This is a raw and honest post in which she talks about her body image, a negative body image. This post touched me deeply.

Favorite post of myself: He’s My Happy Place
Because Master T is the one who makes me happy. He keeps my life exciting and sexy, secure and safe. He’s my everything!

My favorite photo of myself: A Scavenger Hunt Journey
The first photo in this post has something that makes me study the photo every time I see it. I don’t know what it is… the coat that’s opened only a fraction, the net tights, my head turned away, my hair? I don’t know… I just love that image!

My favorite photo of my 365Project: Day 334: Hole
We visited a foreign war ship in the harbour and this macro photo just worked out perfectly, in my opinion.

Achievements in this month:



Favorite posts of fellow bloggers:

  1. £10.53 by Charlie of Sex Blog (of sorts) – I just love this story. The plan, the lust, the worry, the love. All in one. Brilliant!
  2. Imperfections by Cherrytartblog – the absolute honesty, not only in the words, but also in the image, in this post is absolutely perfect. This is what a real woman looks like!
  3. Fallen but not damned by Tamsin Flowers – This story (you have to read both parts) left me with tears in my eyes. It’s so incredibly beautiful.

Favorite post of myself: Ode To My Favorite Sex Toy
The poem I wrote for the Doxy Massager just created itself while my fingers moved over the keys. Damn, I love that toy!

My favorite photo of myself: If You Go Out In The Woods Today…
I love this photo for many reasons, the main two being that it has a wonderful perspective and that it reminds me of one of the most perfect weekends of 2015!

My favorite photo of my 365Project: Day 342: Soldiers
On the day I took this photo, I realized what lovely portrait photos one can make when people don’t know they are being photographed.

Achievements in this month:

  • Anthology Tie Me Up, edited by F. Leonora Solomon, has been nominated for a Golden Flogger Award 2016
  • Mentioned in Molly’s post ‘20 of 2015
  • I received this beautiful compliment from SassyCat on my post ‘Small Wonders‘: Your writing really does speak to me. Ya know, stuff that I seldom read in other female blogs. It’s the personal, everyday stuff…love it and you’re an inspiration for me when it comes to my writing and photos.
  • Mentioned in Beck’s post ‘Top 25 Sex Bloggers of 2015’
  • Two of my posts, I Did It My Way and He’s My Happy Place are mentioned in Charlie in the Pool’s last post on her blog (we are going to miss her!)
  • Mentioned on Kilted Wookie’s Naughty List
  • I featured as a guest blogger on the site of F Dot Leonora and received some lovely loving comments. That’s not all, there was this lovely intro by Leonora too:
    This is a very special guest post for me, I did a teaser for my newsletter! I remember very well meeting Marie Rebelle, at Eroticon. All I can say is she is gorgeous inside and out. She is the epitome of everything a woman should be—everything a human should be. All of the good things. She is warm, loving and nurturing to this community. Marie has such grace and charm and … let me let her tell you more!
  • The image from my post ‘Masturbation‘ has been chosen as one of the two images in the sidebar for the December edition of elust
  • My post, Squirting Galore, was mentioned in the newsletter of Kayla Lords, Her words: Marie Rebelle doesn’t always get to participate in Masturbation Monday, but when she does, I feel like she must be in my head or my own kinky bedroom. She’s a squirter and knows the pain and pleasure of soaked sheets.
  • Mentioned in Honey’s lovely post, Seven Wonders of my Blogging World
  • Nominated for best blogger 2015 in Princess Tamatori’s #octotwonours where I ended with 53% of the votes.
  • On to the final round of the best blogger 2015 in Princess Tamatori’s #octotwonours where I ended in second place behind Molly’s Daily Kiss. Congratulations, Molly won the poll! On the morning that the poll closed, I actually already congratulated Molly. Then, half an hour before the poll closed, a Dutch follower started promoting and reminded people to vote. When the poll closed, I saw that I won! I am SO happy! Thank you to @octogirlscares for arranging these polls! on 1 January 2016:
  • On the last day of the year, a day after this post originally went live, Kat of Illicit Thoughts dedicated a thank you post to me. Such a sweet gesture!
  • About two hours before we moved from 2015 to 2016, Molly posted the Sinful Sunday roundup for the last Sunday of 2015. My post ‘Third Christmas Day‘ made it to the roundup!


Three things before you go!

  • First of all, come back tomorrow for my list of top bloggers for 2015.
  • Then, tomorrow is the last day of this year and tomorrow evening all of us will be counting down the last hours of 2015. Wherever you are, whoever you are… I wish you all the happiness of the world. May 2016 be filled with love and laughter, peace, good health and of course good sex too! May it be everything you want it to be!
  • Some of you might have noticed slight changes to my site, and yet again, some of you might not have noticed. Only one more change will follow on 1 January 2016: the homepage.

© Rebel’s Notes

5 thoughts on “Rebel’s Year In Review (Jul – Dec 2015)

  1. Wow! I am delighted to be in such amazing company!
    Thank you so much for including me again Rebel. I’m truly touched and grateful.
    You have had an amazing year here and I am looking forward to reading more of your adventures next year.
    Have a wonderful new year Rebel. Love to you and Master T.
    Kat x

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