Rebel’s Top 20 of ’15


It’s that time of year again, the time where I want to honor 20 other sex bloggers who enriched my year with their lovely blog posts. I had this list ready for about a month, but somehow I just find it fitting to post it on the last day of the year.
This list is different from the lists I published in 2013 and in 2014.

There are a couple of things I want to say before I share my list with you:

  • If you find yourself not on the list for this year, please don’t think I am not enjoying your blog anymore. I read a huge amount of blogs and this list was much longer than the 20 blogs mentioned below. I had to narrow it down.
  • When I narrowed the list down, I took some blogs off the list because the owners have either decided to stop blogging or have blogged a lot less in 2015 than in the previous years.
  • I wanted to bring in some ‘new blood’ on my list. There are some lovely new blogs out there, which I think many of you will enjoy reading too.

Then, without further ado, here’s my list in alphabetical order, this time each with a quote from the blogger’s ‘About Me’ page (if they have one).

A Dissolute life means 

Every thought and feeling I have is bared here and you will likely become frustrated with me as I go right when you really want me to go left. But I’m not an avatar. I’m just me.

I have now been reading Hy’s blog for about a year and a half and am still astonished by the honesty with which she shares her experiences. The “I’m just me” is something I say about myself a lot too, and this must be what has drawn me to Hy’s blog in the first place. She’s an amazing woman, who has gone through a lot in 2015, but have come out of it even stronger than she was before. Apart from her writing she posts the most lovely images of herself. Oh, and she’s also the host of Boobday.
Twitter: @adissolutelife

A Sexual Being 

I am a highly sexual woman who spent most of my life ignoring that side of myself. It took a divorce for me to decide this was an important part of who I am.

Many of the things that Kayla writes on her site ring true for me too, such as the quote above. I love to read her erotic fiction, but what I like the most to read of her, are her posts on dominance and submission. She writes in an open and honest fashion and never tries to push her views onto everyone. What she writes makes perfect sense and if people want to know more about BDSM relationships, this is one of the sites I point them to. Kayla is also the host of Masturbation Monday.
Twitter: @KaylaLords

A to sub Bee

Maybe it’s the exhibitionist in me, maybe the anonymity means I can be totally open and honest and I’m free from social constraints, I’m free to bee me.

She says she can be totally open and honest on her blog and that is indeed what Bee does. She writes with honesty and that is exactly what draws me and keeps me coming back for more. Her experiences with needle play and cupping had me moving closer to the screen to study the images, and some of her other posts have left me with food for thought. I hope that there will be an opportunity next year to meet Bee.
Twitter: @sub_bee

Behind the Chintz Curtain

Behind the Chintz Curtain is all about what we’re reading and doing behind the drapes – chintz, striped or otherwise.

I had the privilege to finally meet Jane at Eroticon this year, but was sad when I didn’t get time to talk to her more. Her blog is one I have been following for quite some time. I love the images she posts: gentle, sexy, well-composed, beautiful! Her erotica… divine!
The EuphOff, a competition that Jane has hosted twice now, is “The #EuphOff is a celebration of truly terrible erotica – a collection of euphemistic smut that’ll burn your eyeballs and keep your hands well and truly out of your pants.” The EuphOff gives you some really terrible erotica, which seems like so much fun to write and which makes me think I should try it if Jane decides to run the EuphOff for the third time. Jane is also the host of Little Doves, the meme for women with small boobs.
Twitter: @ChintzCurtain

Cammies on the floor 

About M:

I’m finding myself to be an avid rope slut; fortunately for me, my husband now makes rope so there’s never a shortage.

About A:

My shape hasn’t changed, but I’ve begun to find the beauty in it… Hey, I’m in shape… the shape just happens to be round.

I might have said it in the past, but I will say it again: I love that two sisters can share something like a sex blog, where they both blog about their most intimate details. What a lovely bond it is that M and A have with each other. They post the most beautiful rope bondage images, but when I look at those images, I don’t know whether I am looking at M or A, as A mentioned in her bio that she’s a rope bunny. I love that they are both confident about who they are and what A says ‘the shape just happens to be round’ – we should all think like this. I would love to meet both these sisters!
Twitter: @cammiesonfloor

Exposing 40 

The collagen may be relaxing but the confidence is robust and we are definitely getting better with age!

Exposing 40 is the first of seven new comers to my top 20 list. Reading her blog and looking at the lovely images always leave a smile on my face. It’s full of positivity, which totally connects with the quote from her about page: body positivity! I love her reflective posts and have found myself nodding while reading, but I love her photography just as much! With her blog not even a year old yet, she has already become (in my opinion) a essential member of the sex blogging community, as body positivity can never be emphasized enough.
Twitter: @exposing40

F Dot Leonora 

I am an erotica writer and editor, as a well as a native New Yorker with severe wanderlust…

Leonora must be one of the most encouraging, spontaneous and friendly people I have ever met in person. She’s always full of compliments and if you need it, she will l encourage you to continue with your writing, to engage in a meme or to submit something for an anthology. She’s dynamite this woman, and she writes lovely erotica, long ongoing stories with new twists and turns with every episode. On top of that, she lives in one of the most beautiful cities in the world!
Twitter: @fdotleonora

Happy Come Lucky 

Just a little note – I have all the wobbly bits that life has given me – but I feel gorgeous. Confidence rocks.

Honey is the second newcomer to my top 20 list. I have looked forward to meeting this lovely woman for so long and finally, finally it happened at Eroticon this year. If you think she has a lovely personality when you ‘meet’ her online, just wait until you sit across from her. She’s gorgeous! And yes, she really is as confident as she says in her bio, and she is gorgeous! We spent quite some time together that weekend, but I would love to spend even more time together with her and her man, and I sure hope that can happen next year at Eroticon, and that we can be neighbours again the way we were this year. What can you find on her blog? All kinds of sexy words, whether fiction, true stories and thoughts from deep in Honey’s mind. And of course, a lot of sexy images!
Twitter: @ht_honey

Illicit Thoughts 

This is where I come to let my sexy imagination run free…
Wanna play?
If sex isn’t your thing… best leave now
If sex is your thing… check out my other blog…

The third newcomer, Kat, is another blogger I got to know through Wicked Wednesday and I have frequently gone to her blog to play, to read her words, because like you know, sex definitely is my thing. This means I have also checked her other blog and read some of her words there, and am planning to read a lot more. Kat is a sweet and kind woman, always ready with a comforting word for everyone who needs it, even if she is in need of those same words. Except for words on her blog, you also find lovely, sensual images where she shows just enough to keep you coming back for more. She co-hosts the new meme, Food for Thought Friday.
Twitter: @Kats_my_Name

Malin James 

Sex can be joyful or painful, wholesome or filthy, or anything in between. The people involved determine what “kind” of sex is being had, far more than the physical act alone. The crack of a belt can be the sound of home. Missionary can be an emotional land mine. It all depends on who’s bringing what to the table, or to the bed.

Malin is the fourth newcomer to this list. Reading this part of Malin’s bio I was reminded how talented this woman is, how in her writing she manages to capture the differences of her characters, the depth of their feelings. Malin has a beautiful style of writing, that leaves me in awe at times and at lost for words to use in a comment. She doesn’t share only fiction on her site, but also writes about her personal life and posts about writing, kink and relationship. Whether you are looking for fiction or nonfiction, you should definitely visit Malin’s blog.
Twitter: @MalinMJames

Melina Greenport 

Melina Greenport writes provocative tastes of fiction designed to let your imagination play where her words leave off.

The fifth newcomer is Melina, a talented writer. Oh yes, and do my imagination play where her words leave off, like she said on her about page. Melina is yet another blogger that I discovered when she linked her first post to Wicked Wednesday and I have been a fan of her writing since. She doesn’t have a lot on her blog just yet, which means you can easily read everything she has written up to now. Some stories are still forthcoming, others will be continued, and I’m sure they will all be as good as the rest of Melina’s fiction.
Twitter: @MelinaGreenport

Modesty Ablaze

I hope this blog may not only be a diary, a record, of some of the events and wonderful adventures we have experienced . . . but ALSO serve as an inspiration for people to understand that to express one-self, to completely open-up and admit all those inner sexual desires and emotions and fantasies . . .

And an inspiration she is! If you have been following Modesty’s blog you know that she has the most wonderful Scavenger Hunt pics. I have no idea how many locations she has managed to do up to now, but there’s a lot! Apart from those very sexy images, Modesty also posts other images, posts about her exciting sex life and lovely, detailed product reviews. Oh, and if you have old photos you want to show off, please do so and grab the badge on Modesty’s site, linking back to her Poloroids Past page.
Twitter: @ablazingmodesty

Molly’s Daily Kiss 

Our relationship is based on negotiated inequality, in that he is the dominant partner and I am the submissive partner for one very simple reason; because we love it that way. It works for both us. It is a relationship based on trust, love, communication and maybe most importantly of all consent.

This is a quote from Molly’s site, but it could have been written by me. So many times in the past it has happened that Molly writes something that is perfectly true in my own life, or the other way around. I have never made a secret of it that I admire this woman, and I consider her and her husband friends. Molly works hard for the sex-blogging community, giving women and men a place where they can feel at home and express themselves. The weekly meme, Sinful Sunday, is a huge example of exactly this, but also the meme Kink of the Week, which Molly recently took over. Apart from this Molly created the Pussy Pride Project, provides a place for people to anonymously share their words or images and she’s a talented photographer too!
Twitter: @MollysDailyKiss

Poison Pen, Dirty Mind

BICHOK. Which is basically “butt in chair, hands on keys.” I don’t know who came up with it, but I have it written on a post it note, stuck to my laptop.

Good writing advice from this utterly lovely woman, the sixth newcomer to this list. I bet “butt in chair, hands on keys” will focus you on your writing each and every time. What can I say about Oleander Plume? So many things I don’t even know where to start. Oleander is another kind soul who does everything in her power to stimulate and encourage other people to write and share their words. Other than that she has helped bloggers to ‘re-vamp’ their sites with only a few simple changes, and she’s also honest about it if your site is just fine. Just take a look on Pretty Poison Graphics if you would like Oleander to evaluate your site too. Then, her writing… you have to read her words, whether it’s fiction r about her life. It will touch your heart the way it has touched mine.
Twitter: @OleanderPlume

Remittance Girl 

I want to rub these words against you, smear you with the pollen of possibility, infect you with nostalgia for places you’ve never been, experiences you’ve never had or have forgotten.

Remittance Girl, or RG for short, is another of the sex bloggers whom I consider a friend. We met RG at Eroticon 2013 in London and saw her again at Eroticon 2015. Seeing her again did not feel like it was more than two years later. RG has been published several times, but she has stopped submitting her fiction because of very good reasons, in my humble opinion. RG is an academic, and that is evident in all her writing. I admit, when she writes a nonfiction piece, I have to read it when there’s silence around me, which unfortunately doesn’t happen that much. But reading her fiction, I am in awe of her characterization and know that many of us can learn a lot from her!
Twitter: @remittancegirl

Sex Blog of Sorts 

Blogging about erotica, sex, disability, dating and feminism (with the odd Christmas gift guide thrown in for luck.)

I have an incredible soft spot for this woman and even more so after I have finally met her at Eroticon 2015. No, I don’t feel sorry for her. I don’t pity her. I admire her for her strength, for her inner beauty. She writes beautiful erotica, writes about her love and sex life in a raw and honest way and she shares her difficulties with her disability. Maybe I am so fond of Charlie because she openly talks about her disability, and my husband is disabled too, but then again, there is so much more to her than just that. She’s a delicate soul and the times when she disappeared because she hurt so much, my heart ached for her. If you want to read a blog that’s written from the heart and where no feelings are masked, go read Charlie’s blog.
Twitter: @sexblogofsorts

Stella Kiink 

I’ve met so many wonderful people through blogging and social media outlets. It’s just been fantastic!

If there is one person that I really would love to meet, it’s Stella. Last year we hoped to see her at Eroticon 2014, but unfortunately she couldn’t make it. Who knows, maybe next year. Stella writes about her experiences in BDSM, shares images and writes erotica. Just like many other sex bloggers, she writes openly about what she experiences, about the good and the bad. There’s just something in her writing, something in her images that draw me in and make me think time and time again: I want to meet you.
Twitter: @StellaKiink

Stranded in Toronto 

… married the love of my life, @MrsStranded, with whom I live with our blended family of four children…

Oh my. Oh my. What should I say about this lovely man and his beautiful wife. We met them at Eroticon 2014 and really, I can’t wait to see them again. To spend time with them again. They are both lovely!
I have chosen the above quote from Stranded’s bio because I can relate so much. I too am married to the love of my life, Master T, and we have a blended family of three children. But, why is Stranded on my top 20 list? Because of his sex writing of course. It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of Savannah but that I also adore Fifi. Seriously, if you haven’t read Savannah or Fifi yet, I recommend you do, because they are both SO good! If you haven’t read any of Stranded’s erotica yet, just go to his site and read some of his stories and I’m sure you will be hooked.
Twitter: @stranded_in_to

The Other Livvy 

So here I am, writing a blog about sex and life, fact and fiction, and all the ridiculous, amazing things that I love!

The last (seventh) newcomer to my top 20 list is Livvy. Her blog turned one in November 2015 and what a year it was for her! Livvy writes beautiful erotica and she posts lovely pictures of herself, each accompanied with a quote. Even some of her fiction is accompanied by a quote, which gives her blog a unique twist. So yes, she writes about sex and life, fact and fiction and all the lovely things in between.
Twitter: @theotherlivvy

Understanding Flutterby 

My favourite season is autumn. I love all the changes of colour and the wild weather.

These two sentences from Flip’s bio immediately struck me, as I have said so many times that I love autumn. It’s the most beautiful season of every year. But, of course there are more reasons why I have chosen her blog as one of my top 20. Flip has a lovely way to write, to translate her deepest emotions into words, to pull you into her mindset and into a scene she has gone through. Sometimes I literally have goosebumps on my arms when I read her posts. Other than that, she posts lovely images and is just a kind person. And, we share a country, which just adds an extra dimension when I read her blog.
Twitter: @FlutterbyFlip

That’s it, my list of top 20 blogs for 2015. Of course others have done lists too and I was very happy to see my blog appearing on the following:

I have a confession to make: when my blog didn’t appear on Kinkly’s list, I was sad, but then reminded me of my own advice… not being on a list doesn’t mean my blog is bad. It just means that I’m not on the list.

This is my very last post for 2015. I wish you all a very good New Year’s Eve full of fun and love and laughter! I raise my glass and close this year with a song that always brings tears to my eyes (yes, I know):

Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And auld lang syne!

For auld lang syne, my dear,
For auld lang syne.
We’ll take a cup o’ kindness yet,
For auld lang syne.

© Rebel’s Notes

11 thoughts on “Rebel’s Top 20 of ’15

  1. Thank you so much Marie. It’s such an honour to be included amongst so many wonderfully creative, fun and inspiring people.
    Wishing you . . . and all your followers . . . lots of giggles, lots of fun . . . and lots of love for this new year!
    Xxx – K

  2. OH, this is so amazing! What a great group, and I am thrilled to be included! Wow, this is just, wow, I’m speechless, thank you so much, Marie!

    I hope 2016 is your best year ever, much love to you and yours!

    Love you lots,



  3. Thank you, thank you. I feel that what I want to express has already been stated: how I admire you, how you inspire me and encourage me to keep writing, how I am humbled to be here among such great company – and recognized by you most of all.
    So thank you. Here’s the New Year being glorious to us all!

  4. My dearest Rebel, thank you so very much for including me in your list. I am honoured to be here among so much talent too. Here’s to 2016 and lots more fabulous sex blogging from everyone


  5. i looked at this list, and felt so humbled by by the wonderful bloggers on it who i follow…and by the wonderful woman who curated it…wearing my badge with pride!!! xxx

  6. Oh, Rebel, you beautiful woman. You made me tear up a little reading this. Thank you! I can’t wait to see you again, especially as 2016 is going to be an amazing year! Xxxxxxx

  7. Thank you so much my lovely friend! I am so touched, so flattered and so grateful that I made it into your top 20! Your kind words about me and my writing have made my day.
    And to be in such talented company is pretty mind blowing!
    I wish everyone in our wonderful kinky community a very happy 2016!
    Love you all!
    Kat x

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