Punishment or Pleasure

This week’s question for the Food for Thought meme is as follows:

Within the D/s community, there are times when it is necessary for a Dom to administer a corrective spanking/caning/thrashing. Our question this week, however is directed to those on the receiving ends of such punishments.

Do you consider a corrective spanking/caning/thrashing as a pleasure or a punishment?


Definitely a punishment.

If you have been reading my blog for some time you will know that I love to be spanked or whipped. Master T also uses the cane, but I am not as fond of it, even though I obviously have no say in the matter.

Sometimes I walk into our bedroom or the bedroom of a hotel suite and I see a flogger on the bed. Or a paddle. Or the cane. It mostly surprises me, as I haven’t expected it, but I smile. I know it’s going to hurt, but it’s also going to give me tremendous pleasure, and maybe some marks too. I love the pain, it gives me pleasure.

Now take exactly the same setting…
I walk into the bedroom and I see a flogger on the bed. Or a paddle. Or the cane. I doesn’t surprise me, because Master T has already told me that I will be flogged. Or caned. Why? Because I need to be punished. I have done something that he is not happy with and he is going to punish me. I do not smile. I know it’s going to hurt more than ever, even if he will use the same force he always does. I am going to hate the marks afterwards.

Why is there a difference in the two? Why does the first situation feel like pleasure and the second doesn’t, even though the physical actions are exactly the same?

The answer is in the question. It’s not about the physical actions, but it’s about the mindset. My mindset in the first situation is one of wanting to feel the pain to experience the pleasure. In the first one I connect with Master T in a certain level. I know he finds pleasure in hurting me and I love that I can please him in this way.

In the second situation I know he finds no pleasure at all. He doesn’t like punishing me. He’s a sadist, not cruel. I don’t find any pleasure in the second setting either. I hate it. I hate it that I have done something for him to have to punish me. I hate that I have disappointed him. I hate that I am not giving him pleasure. When he has to punish me, it means I have displeased him twice. Once with whatever I have done wrong and the second when he has to punish me.

A corrective spanking is always a punishment, because of how my mind works. I don’t want to be punished and then again, I do. If I do something wrong, I will hate it even more if he just lets it go and not punish me. But I prefer to live by his rules and not be punished, as I hate the feeling it causes inside me. There’s no pleasure at all. And if I have marks after a corrective spanking/whipping/caning I hate looking at them in the mirror.

The same applies for being put in the corner. Put me in a corner when I’m a bit jumpy or nervous, and it grounds me. Put me in a corner because I have misbehaved, and I hate it and cannot wait to get out of the corner and offer my apologies for what I have done.

For me specifically, whether it’s punishment or pleasure, is all in the mindset. But I suspect I am not the only submissive who feels like this…


Red ass after several spankings and whippings.
Even though this looks like punishment, it was all about pleasure!
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