Product Review: Mawa Klamps from Überkinky

If you frequently read my blog , you will know by now how much I love nipple play, and that with the right circumstances and the right stimulation, I can have an orgasm with nipple stimulation only. This means that I like nipple clamps just as much, but I also hate them. This depends largely on what nipple clamps are used. For this round of reviews, I have chosen to test the Mawa Klamps.

Packaging & Contents

The Mawa Klamps are sold per piece. I was sent two in a clear ziplock bag and no fancy packaging.

Shape ‘n Size & Material

The length of a clamp is 5.5 centimeters and the tip, covered with a non-slip rubber coating, is just more than 1 centimeter wide. The clamp is free of latex and phthalates and spring loaded with a metal spring. On the top of the clamp there’s a finger and thumb grip to easily put them on or of the ‘subject’.

How does it work?

I guess it’s obvious how it works. These clamps can be used on nipples, but also on lips, labia, ball sack, tongue, ear lobes or like Überkinky suggested:

Buy a hundred MAWA Klamps and line your sub’s body with them, it’s fun to slap them off with your favourite riding crop.

I guess with the way the grips are shaped and with a bit of creativity one can even bind clamps on a string, attach them in a line to the skin of the ‘subject’ and then slowly pull them off, one by one, or rip them off in one fluid movement.

My experience with & opinion of the product

Thankfully we had only two clamps, otherwise Master T might have given me the job of tying a lot of clamps on a string so he could torture me with it. But, when we received the two clamps and I put one on my finger, I thought: oh no, this is going to hurt!
I was wrong. Okay, not entirely wrong. It hurt, but not as much as I thought it would. We have other clamps that hurt a lot more. When these clamps were on my nipples, I was aware if them, but didn’t try to get away from the pain. Master T put them on my nipples with the tips vertical and then he changed them to horizontal. The horizontal placement hurt a bit more than the vertical.

Then he wanted to try them on my labia. I knew it was going to hurt more and I wasn’t wrong. This time I moaned, especially when Master T fingered me with the clamps still on my labia.


(click to enlarge)

These clamps are a nice enhancement to our play, especially for the sessions where I can take just a bit less pain than otherwise. Master T is happy with this enhancement to his ‘toolbox’.

Where to buy?

The Mawa Klamps can be bought from Überkinky for 2.99 pounds a piece, but if you buy 4, you pay only 2.75 pounds a piece. Even better, if you buy 10, you pay only 2.50 pounds a piece. So, if you really want to buy a 100, like Überkinky suggested, it’s really a good deal!

Disclaimer: I have been sent these clamps free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

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