Ode To My Favorite Sex Toy

I think if you look through my Twitter timeline, especially when we are away for a weekend, you will know exactly which toy is my favorite. We have some lovely toys, such as my Njoy plugs but also my glass dildos. There’s my ‘Better Than Chocolate’ clit vibrator and the vampire paddle. No matter how much I love all of those, if I am allowed to choose only one toy to take with me…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A hotel stay is what we have in mind
And all kinds of play, the sexy kind.

Bags are packed, clothes collected,
As well as toys, carefully selected.

In the hotel room, excited and wet,
I do not wait until we get to bed.

Legs spread wide, it starts with a whirr,
Touching my clit, the world around me blur

Vibrations intense, touching my core,
Different positions, I explore.

On my knees, fucking the toy,
Or legs clutched together, playing coy.

Pushing a button, more vibrations please,
Trapping the wand between my knees.

Bucking my hips, fucking those vibrations,
Filling my body with all kinds of sensations.

One orgasm, two and then some more
I’m too horny to keep a score.

One more, almost there, feelings convergent,
I surrender… because… oh, it’s so urgent.

I’ve done it again, a big hotel climax
Bringing this toy is just one of the facts.

No other toy can be a proxy
There’s only one I want:
it’s my Doxy!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

20151031 (377)a-wm Doxy pussy
If I am allowed to choose only one toy to take with me, I always choose my Doxy!
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© Rebel’s Notes

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