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When at first I saw the announcement for this new meme, I didn’t think I would join in. Not because I don’t find it interesting, but simply due to time. But, since the question will be posted every Friday and I will have the weekend to work on a post. So maybe this could work, participating in this new meme… Food for Thought Friday.

This week’s question:

Would you stay in a sexual relationship if oral sex was totally off the table?


Short answer: yes.

But… of course there’s a longer answer too.

No oral sex will not be a deal breaker for me. I love receiving oral sex and I love giving it. I don’t mind whether the other person is a man or a woman, whether giving or receiving. I love feeling a tongue circling my clit, running down my slit, pushing into my vagina and licking back up to suck on my clit. I love licking up and down a cock, circling the head with my tongue, taking it deep into my mouth until I almost gag and then running my tongue along the length of it as I let it slip out of mouth, only to take it deep into my mouth again. I love pleasuring a pussy too, massaging a pussy lip between my lips, licking up one labium and down the other, avoiding licking her clitoris. Pushing my tongue between her labia, tasting her, savouring it on my tongue and then trailing upward toward her clitoris, where I circle my tongue around it, over it, sucking it, licking it, listening to her moans, feeling her body reacting to my mouth.

I love giving and receiving oral sex, but if it’s not part of a sexual relationship, I would stay in the relationship. A sexual relationship doesn’t have to be boring, when only hands and toys are involved and mouths are only used for kissing. Even if no toys are used, a couple can have a perfectly balanced sexual relationship. The key is to find something that both are happy with, no matter what it is. I believe that communication is key and that a middle ground should be found. A middle ground where both partners have a full life, where exploring and experimenting happen, even if this doesn’t include oral sex. Even if two people are happy to only fuck in the missionary position and that fulfills them, it is good. I know many people don’t even have to think about this possibility, but who are we to judge others if they are happy with this? Not everyone has to be the same. In my opinion, the main thing is that there shouldn’t be an imbalance in a sexual relationship, unless of course the ‘imbalance’ has been previously negotiated, such as happens in some D/s relationships.

No oral sex in a relationship will not be a problem for me. The only thing that will be a deal breaker for me is when there was no sex at all. Then it can’t be called a sexual relationship anymore.

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2 thoughts on “Oral Sex

  1. Passion for the act is often what makes it so amazing. I don’t know if it would be a deal breaker, like you, but it just may be. I stand by your no sex is a deal breaker, however. I love your take on this, and a new meme I may have to take part in.

  2. You raise very good points Rebel. I loved your descriptions of how you perform oral sex… You sound pretty damn amazing at it!

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