Virgin Trip

“Thank you,” Daisy said as the door to the toilet was held open for her.
“You’re welcome,” said her fellow passenger.
Daisy entered the small cubicle and locked the door behind her. She quickly used the toilet and braced herself for the loud noise when she flushed the toilet. Airplane toilets had always scared her, only because of the noise it made when it flushed. After she had brushed her teeth, she opened the door and held it open for the lady who was next in line, just like it was held open for her before. Daisy walked back to her seat and didn’t have to bother anyone to get back in it. She was in the front row seat of the middle section of an intercontinental Boeing. Her seat was on the aisle and in the seats between hers and the window was a young couple. She guessed that they were not much older than her own twenty-one years.

The young woman in the seat next to Daisy’s looked up at her. Daisy’s smile was answered with a smile as Daisy sat back down. Fleetingly Daisy noticed that the couple was cuddled together under one of the thin blankets the airline company provides for overnight flights. She paid no further attention to them, reclined her seat, spread her own blanket out over her and pulled the airline blindfold over her eyes, ready to go to sleep.

Her mind wandered back to earlier that day, when she waved at her mother for the last time. There were tears in her mom’s eyes and Daisy understood that it wasn’t easy for her mom to see her only child leaving for an internship abroad. Daisy had never been away from home without her mom before. It always had been always the two of them. They were mother and daughter, but they were also best friends. Daisy really wanted to do her internship abroad, even though it would take her away from home for six months. In the last week before she would fly out, she and her mom had taken turns to reassure each other that the months would pass quickly.

What adventures were waiting for her on the island where this plane was taking her? Daisy sighed deeply and inwardly she smiled. She was going to the island to work and study, but there would be time for play too. Maybe she would meet someone special? Maybe she would even fall in love? Daisy had been in love before, but he had never even glanced in her direction. That was back when she was still in high school and he was the most popular boy there. Of course he never noticed her. She was the girl of which many of her year didn’t even know that she belonged in their class. Daisy was close to invisible. In college it was different, there she did her best to be more outgoing, but there was no one she had a special interest in. One young man showed some interest in her, but except for a couple of times that she had a drink with him after class, she never spent time with him.

“No, stop. Not here.”
For a moment Daisy didn’t know where these whispered words came from, until she realized it was the girl next to her who had spoken.
“She’s asleep and the blanket covers everything. Just be quiet.”
This time it was the young man who whispered. Daisy kept very still. What were they doing under the blanket? Her face warmed and she knew she was blushing. She hoped that the couple wouldn’t notice. Apparently they didn’t.
“Pull your skirt up,” the young man whispered and several minutes later: “Ah yes. Oh my god you are so wet.”
Daisy drew her breath in and slowly exhaled. It was quiet for a while. Did they know that’s she was awake? They didn’t.
“She just sighed in her sleep,” the young man spoke again, “spread your legs.”

Daisy pushed her legs together. A shiver ran through her body and she had an urge to touch herself, but she didn’t want to move. How far would they go? Daisy had never been touched by a man before. She had never been touch sexually by anyone but herself. Daisy didn’t think that she ever actually had an orgasm, but she liked touching herself. She loved playing with her nipples and circling the small button between her lips, but up to now she hadn’t have the guts to push a finger inside. She had no idea what it felt like and she knew one day her curiosity would get the better of her. What she would really like is for a man to explore that virgin territory with her.

“I want to fuck you.”
Both women gasped at the same time, but the couple didn’t notice the sound Daisy made.
“No, we can’t. Not here.”
“Oh yes we can. Just turn your back to me, push your ass backwards and let me do the rest.”
“Come on, sweetie,” the young man almost begged, “I really need you now.”
Daisy frowned a bit because of the emotional blackmail in his voice but his girlfriend either didn’t seem to notice or was used to it. Or maybe she’s just as horny as I am, Daisy thought and again she blushed. A rustling sound next to her told her that positions are being changed. Were they really going to do it right here next to her? On the plane?

“Push back a bit more,” the young man whispered.
“Yes, like that. Perfect,” he spoke again.
Next to her the young woman made a tiny sound, followed by a soft “ooooh” and Daisy understood that something must be happening. Under her own blanket she had her hand between her legs, pressing hard against her crotch. She moved her hips slightly to create some friction between her denim pants and her sensitive bits. She imagined the young man pushing his penis into his girlfriend and slowly fucking her. Her thoughts caused her to blush again, but she couldn’t help to wonder how it felt and when she would be the lucky one to experience the same feeling. Her hand pressed down harder and a shiver ran through her body. She stopped her movements when the head of the woman next to her came to rest on her shoulder.

Each time the boyfriend pushed into his girlfriend, her head moved on Daisy’s shoulder. Daisy mimicked the movements with her hands. As the young man pushed into the woman and her head pushed against Daisy’s shoulder, she pushed against her crotch. She listened to the breathing of the woman, heard the occasional soft moan, the sighs. The breathing became heavier as Daisy’s heart rate increased. Daisy’s hand moved over her crotch. She wished she could touch herself like she did many nights before, but what she wished more is that she could be fucked. Right there, right now. She wanted to experience it; wanted to experience the magic. A final shiver ran through her body, one that started from the pit of her stomach and ended in her crotch. She had no idea what the feeling was, but it intensified her longing for someone special in her life.

I hope there’s someone special on that island for me, was her last thought before she drifted off to sleep, her hand still between her legs.

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