For many, strap-on sex is about transformation and pushing boundaries. You’re creating a part of yourself that was not there before. It may be an introduction into the taboo, a taste of a forbidden pleasure that you’ve finally allowed yourself to have. It can also provide opportunities for penis-havers with erectile dysfunction to once again penetrate their lovers in ways they may have thought long gone. Blurring the lines between the masculine and the feminine, giving and receiving, control and release – it all can come into focus for strap-on play.

For others, it’s as routine as washing the dishes and walking the dog – it’s just another form of penetration, after all. Or is it?

This week’s Kink of the Week is about strap-on play. We’re looking for your experiences, fantasies and philosophies. Are strap-ons part of your everyday sex, or something you wish that was? Do strap-ons make the wearer masculine? The receiver feminine? Are you a strap-on ‘switch’ or do you stick to the giving or receiving side? Pick up your favorite bottle of lube and let’s slide into this week’s Kink of the Week – strap-on sex.

Contemplating this post in my head, one thought came to mind: how many of us who have brothers, used to bath together with said brothers when we were young kids and later, when we became aware of the differences between us, wished we had penises so we could stand when we peed? To me there was something magical about being able to do that, but as I grew up and learned about the other things a penis could do, I must admit that for some time I had penis envy.

It passed.

Some years ago, back in 2008, long before we started dating with other people, Master T mentioned that he would love to see me fucked by another woman, with a strap-on. The thought really appealed to me. We even bought a strap-on, but the only thing that was eventually done with it was to strap it onto a huge teddy bear and pretend the teddy bear is fucking me. It were fun images to make and sadly we disposed of the (cheap-ish) strap-on before it was used otherwise.

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Would I have wanted to be fucked with a strap-on by a woman?
Without hesitation, my answer is: yes!

Then the next thoughts come. In my mind there is something ‘taboo’ about a woman fucking a woman with a fake penis. In this, ‘taboo’ might be too strong a word to use. I think ‘forbidden pleasure’ as used above is more accurate. Maybe I view it like this because of the traditional way in which I was raised, in which a man fucks a woman and a woman is fucked by a man. Sex between two women and sex between two men was never discussed. That is something that I only learned about and accepted in my adult life, roundabout the time when I was willing to admit to myself that I am sexually attracted to women. Still, for a woman to wear a strap-on to fuck a women… it intrigues me. It intrigues me so much that I want to experience it.

I guess this means we will have to buy a new strap-on, but then definitely of a better quality than the one we had.

If we had a strap-on, would I use it on a man?
Without hesitation, my answer is: no!
To me, using a strap-on on a man is an act of dominance. I am not dominant and would not want to play a role where I feel like I have to be dominant.

If we had a strap-on, would I want another woman to use it on Master T?
Without hesitation, my answer is: no!
First of all, I know Master T would never allow this. He is not into any anal stimulation (for himself) at all and would not want to be fucked with a strap-on. Seeing another woman ‘dominate’ Master T by fucking him with a strap-on… no! I cannot even picture it in my mind, which says a lot as I think in pictures.

If a woman wears a strap-on, does it make her masculine and if she fucks a man with it, does it make him feminine?
My answer to both these questions is no. I don’t believe that a strap-on ‘changes’ the sex of a person. A strap-on is nothing but a toy that enhances the sexual experience of two people.

Having written this, I am even more curious about pursuing this and I even have a special lady in mind with whom I would love to explore this…

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5 thoughts on “Strapped

  1. See I thought the same, to penetrate is dominance. Never thought I would enjoy using one. But I did. I was basically commanded to try it… And that did encourage me…

    I think of female dommes and I don’t think their subs’ acts of penetration are signs of dominance or aggression. So I apply the same thinking to strapons. Giving another the stimulus and the pleasure is so sexy. Also learning to read the person’s body because the strapon creates a little more distance is a real art.., not one I’ve mastered but I enjoyed trying! Much to my surprise 🙂
    Next time I would like to try a double ended one so I can feel it too …

  2. From my one attempt at pegging I can honestly say there was nothing in me that felt dominant, purely playing in a different way with someone so they could enjoy the sensation but I completely understand your viewpoint.

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