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Back in August, during the Eroticon 2015 weekend, I was given a lovely gift, and ever since I wanted to write this post. Not because I was asked to write it, but because I want to.

The box I was given contained two beautiful steel buttplugs, gold-colored and finished with purple stones on the base. The bigger one had a dark purple stone, the smaller one a lighter purple. Now all of us have seen these kind of buttplugs before, so why are these so special?

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The buttplugs were sent to me by Rianne S., the company of Rianne Swierstra and I wanted to know more about this company and the woman behind it.


About Rianne

Rianne Swierstra lives together with her boyfriend in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She founded Rianne S. – one of the few companies producing sexual accessories for women that are actually lead by a woman – in 2010.

When she was 20 years old, she came across an article on sex toys in a Hustler magazine. Not impressed by what she saw, she found herself thinking about ways in which to design a different toy. Rianne spent almost a decade on developing her skills and knowledge about doing business and designing, before taking the plunge and diving into the creation of sexual accessories.

Rianne was raised by her mother to be an empowered and confident woman, and she had always felt the need to do something positive for women. She started working as an export manager for an Italian design furniture label and travelled the world, living in various world cities and meeting countless inspiring women. Despite being raised to be independent enough to take on the world, she still felt hesitation to discuss openly her sexual desires, boundaries and explore the realm of her sexuality. And, as she would later learn, this was echoed by her friends and the numerous women she spoke to during her travels.

Aesthetics and design were an important part of her personal and professional life, and she came to the realization that this is what she wanted to dedicate her efforts and energy to, in creating an erotic lifestyle brand that could sexually inspire women.


Design & Purpose: Rianne S.

Rianne S. Is the only erotic brand that has combined personal branding with product branding, as the company is titled after its namesake. “Nothing to do with ego,” Rianne points out. “I wanted to inspire trust in women and highlight that Rianne S. Products are designed by a woman for women.”

Her efforts resulted in the iconic vibe, Matryoshka. She went on to design the Forbidden Fruit, which earned her amongst others an AVN award nomination for Couples product of the Year in 2012, and recognition from the adult industry and beyond. The Forbidden Fruit vibrators were tantalizing and strategically place on Rianne’s body in Playboy magazine when they did a feature on the brand. Rianne has also collaborated with high fashion label Supertrash. Her products are proudly owned by numerous celebrities and have been featured in various mainstream publications worldwide, both on and offline. Rianne has been interviewed about her products by many TV-stations and she is the go-to person for Benelux media outlets when it wants a fresh and female point of view on sexual accessories and sexual wellness. The Rianne S. collection is currently sold in 35 countries.


Through my research I came across other product of Rianna S. such as the Matryoshka and sets of 3 silicon buttplugs, in different sizes. Just like the two luxury steel plugs I have, the plugs are meant to start from small and going bigger as you get more comfortable with it. I found it remarkable that the plugs, even though in sets, are not expensive at all, despite the obvious care with which they have been designed. The sets of three silicon plugs (also finished with a gem-like stone) sell at 45 euro per set and the set of 2 steel plugs at 60 euro.

20151102 (33)wm buttplug
Rianne S. Booty Plug Luxury Set (2x)
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Rianne S. will be coming with more beautiful products, and I suggest you keep an eye on her website for more information.

Just some places where you can order the same plugs as you see on the images:

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