I Love My Nipples!

I don’t think this come as a surprise: I love my nipples.

Whenever I look at those two tiny parts of my body, positive feelings instantly flood through me, my nipples are beautiful and round and in perfect proportion with my not-so-big breasts. When not erect, they are still beautiful, but in their erect form I love them even more. Touching them, rolling them softly between my fingers – that’s magical.

I have written about my nipples quite a lot before. About how we discovered nipple torture and by accident discovered that I can orgasm when I have my nipples stimulated, in a painful manner. At night, in bed, I wish Master T would pinch my nipples, because it makes me happy when he gives attention to my nipples.

My nipples are not always sensitive to touch. Sometimes, when they are not erect, there’s almost no feeling in them at all. So much so that when Master T is licking them, I wonder if he’s actually doing it because I feel nothing. To ‘solve this problem’, a harsher approach is needed. Not that I ever want pain to be instant, like when clamps are put on my nipples, but it’s needed to stimulate my nipples through pinching. What I like best is when Master T takes my nipples between his fingers, one after the other, and he rolls them between his fingers, increasing the pressure ever so slightly. My nipples get harder and more sensitive and soon I will be craving an even harsher touch. I will want him to pinch harder and soon I will feel that familiar connection with my pussy. It builds and builds until I ask permission to orgasm, only by stimulation through my nipples.

It’s not like Master T can just pinch my nipples five times each and I will climax. Oh no, there’s a definite build-up to that orgasm and it takes patience to get there. Sometimes he will work my nipples, really taking his time and the orgasm will just not happen. I will squirm and be aroused and wet, but the orgasm only through nipple stimulation is never a guarantee.

20151031 (369)wm nipple clamp
A clamp holds my nipple captive, hurting it, but also showing it off. Here I asked for the nipple clamps…
(click to enlarge)

Sometimes during our sessions, mostly after a couple of orgasms and with minimal nipple play, I start craving pain. Not any kind of pain, but I want my nipples hurt. I hate myself every time I do, but I cannot help myself: I ask for the nipple clamps. The moment they are on, I want them off, but of course, Master T never agrees to this. And I have to admit, they do enhance my orgasms. I hate it when the clamps come off and feel very sorry for my nipples that they have tiny dents in them and hurt for quite some time after. At that moment I vow never to ask for the clamps again… ha! Famous last words!

Is nipple play a kink of ours? Definitely yes! I love my nipples and I love that they give me – and Master T – so much pleasure!

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8 thoughts on “I Love My Nipples!

  1. I love nipple play and torture just like you. Surprisingly, it is one of the few things that I don’t struggle to ask for. I have a real love hate relationship with clover clamps. I am scared them so they hold huge power over me whether in reality or in my fantasies.

    Love this post. Xxx

  2. Oh my goodness, I could be written this. Mine are dead when they’re not erect and it takes a good lunch to wake them up but then they’re well and truly alive and needing lots of attention which will eventually give me a nipple-gasm.

  3. I totally get the push-pull of your clamp craving. There is, simultaneously, nothing worse and nothing better than having them applied! :-/ Like you, it’s not a ‘touch and orgasm’ thing for me – but when they’re played with and/or tortured in just the right way, the results are generally explosive. Jane xxx

  4. yes this little tigger LOVES her nipples being played, tortured, licked, kissed touched and otherwise all round stimulated. however I used third person narrative there to partially distance myself from this position, coz like you, the double-edged sword of getting what we ask for… ‘more please’ can be dangerous….
    Also since a previous post of yours on the risks with nipple play (killing them) I sometimes fear I have overdone it when they’re less sensitive than I would like… and then a day later they’re back, like an awesome tingling thing and just wearing a bra is a constant reminder of their potential…
    humbly, twigs

  5. Love the look of your photo. I’ve never played with clamps. Mostly because my breasts aren’t an area of my body that gets attention. The look great on you though

  6. And you look so pretty with those on…. You really do. I understand the love/hate relationship with having them clamped, my Wanita can come with a nipple stimulation alone as well… But the really thinks I am a bastard after taking them off… Strange how different people can relate to basic strong feelings…

    Wonderful piece of writing as always Rebel and a beautiful picture to top if off…


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