He’s My Happy Place

Where is your happy place? That’s the question that was asked for this week’s Wicked Wednesday. I had an instant answer. He’s my happy place, and with ‘he’ of course I’m referring to Master T.

Whenever I am with him, I am happy. I can be with him for an entire day and then still crave more of his presence, more of his attention, more of just being with him. Whenever I am with him, I can be 100% myself. I never have to pretend to be happy or to hide my true feelings. If I’m sad, I can show him my tears and he will comfort me. When I’m horny I can let go and show him my raw passion. When I’m in a silly mood, I can do silly things and he will sigh and shake his head, but there in his eyes I see that deep down he is laughing.

This past weekend was confirmation of all this again: HE is my happy place.

We celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary this past weekend. Master T has nothing with symbolism and numbers, but he knows I have. We stayed in room 2005. We were married in 2005. Right on the other side of the long hallway was room 2015. It’s 2015 now. The difference between 2015 and 2005 is 10, the number of years we are married. He just laughed at my observations and pretended that it leaves him cold – which I know it does – but his eyes betrayed that he loved that I love my numbers game. It’s just part of my silly moments.

Oh there was another very silly moment, which I will tell you more about later, but there were all different kinds of other moments too. Friday night we had drinks at the bar and we talked and enjoyed each others company. I was informed that we would have a visitor the next day, that a friend would come over to fuck me. My jaw dropped, but at the same time nerves and excitement and happiness and awe rushed through my body. I told Master T how happy I am with our life, how much I appreciate that we can do the things we do; that we both find our pleasure in it. It reminded me of a post of Cammies I read, in which M said:

I choose my husband for life, to grow old with, but I don’t wish him to be my only. It’s as simple and as complicated as that.

We discussed how privileged we are that we think the same on this. Actually, I never thought that I would want this, because I was raised with the thought that it was ‘wrong’ to want to experience sex(y things) with others when you’re married. Through many conversations I have grown to the realization that it’s something I want, something I might even need, to be with others. It’s something Master T and I share. He loves to see another fucking me, to see me being used by another. I enjoy the sex, but I also enjoy the intimacy between Master T and me even if he’s not the one fucking me. This is just one thing we share.

On Saturday we discovered a lovely small restaurant where we had a late breakfast. Early Saturday afternoon we went back to the room, where he chose what clothes and shoes I should wear and how I should sit when our visitor entered the room. All I can say is that we had an amazing afternoon. I was used and fucked and all through it all, even though the visitor was the one fucking me, Master T’s love surrounded me like a warm and comforting blanket.

We also shared the aftermath of those sexy moments. It was only by the evening that it really reached my brain what had happened that afternoon.
“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, I was fucked by M this afternoon. In the ass!”
That must have been about what I said. And then after that I was jumpy and full of giggles and in awe of what had happened and I am horny all over again. Of course Master T never complains when I’m horny. He just keeps Twitter informed about what I’m doing, which this past weekend was mostly me busy with the Doxy. Oh god, the poor Doxy. I think it needs a couple of weeks of rest!

20151101 (177)wm fucked out
Spent after playing with my Doxy and a glass dildo
(click to enlarge)

Sunday was our last day in the hotel and our actual wedding anniversary. We had a scavenger hunt walk planned for after dinner. From the restaurant we went to our room where I put on net tights, a net dress, shoes and my winter coat. Off we went. We were interrupted by groups of military personnel who returned to their ship and in between we grabbed our chances and covered fourteen (I kid you not!) scavenger hunt locations! Some of those locations I have wanted for so long and here they were, all within a kilometer from the hotel! I was elated when we returned to the hotel. We went for a drink at the bar, and the wine just helped to intensify those feelings, but it also had me in a silly mood. Back in our bedroom I posed for some pictures and found myself parading around in the room with nipple tassels stuck to my bottom. I went from silly to fucking myself real hard with a glass dildo and the Doxy.

I was spent when we went to bed, but still so happy that I couldn’t contain the feelings. It was all because of those feelings that I ran from the bathroom, jumped on the bed and onto Master T. With my legs on either side of him I jumped up and down on the bed and there it was again: the sighs and the laugh in his eyes. He might have sounded as if he was bored with my actions, but his eyes told me differently.

I finally quieted down, told him how much I love him and how happy I am and the next thing I knew, it was the next morning and I woke up next to this man who makes my life so wonderful, who keeps me safe, who is my happy place every day! It’s been ten lovely years of marriage, thirteen lovely years since I met him and I’m sure there are many happy years to follow.

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13 thoughts on “He’s My Happy Place

  1. “He’s my happy place” oh yes, so much of this, even when I’m not happy he’s there supporting me until I’m back again.

    It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend and I’m so envious of your 14 locations! I can’t wait to see them 🙂

  2. We have so many things in common and the love we have for the men in our lives is one of them, strong and at times unexplainable wonderful. Happy anniversary to you both!

    Velvet x

  3. Aw yay! I love this post, simply love it. I love to read about happy relationships, sexy moments, giddiness (even the jumping on the bed made me smile as it’s something I would do too when I get super giddy)!

    So many happy posts to read this week, and I’m grateful as I needed something to lift my spirits.

  4. Aw congratulations you two!

    The love just bursts from the screen with this post. I am so happy that you both have such a wonderful relationship.

    Happy anniversary!


  5. This is just wonderful Marie . . . just so lovely . . . and so many parallels (including your weekend LOL!!!) to our own relationship.
    So happy for you both. Happy, Happy anniversary!
    (And I’m looking forward to those Scavengers!!!)
    Xxx – K

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