He Marked Me

Ejaculate on my breast

If you have been following along in this blog for the last two weeks, or have seen my Twitter timeline, you will know that Master T and I had spent last weekend in a hotel. Three glorious nights of enjoying each other’s company, good food, drinks and, of course: SEX! Whenever we are in a hotel, I love it if Master T takes photos of me. He really did a good job last weekend, as I told him that I ‘needed’ photos. You know, as a sex blogger sharing images, you always have to have something to choose from!

Somehow I am always horny when we stay in hotels. Last weekend was no different. I was horny every night and every night I played with my Doxy. On Saturday we went out for dinner and after dinner, we had a couple of drinks at the bar of the hotel. When we returned to our room, I was ready to use the Doxy Massager, just like I did the night before. Damn, that thing is so good and I just love the orgasms it gives me. We started with Master T taking some photos of me, in clothes he had told me to pack for our stay. It ended with me sitting on the couch, with the Doxy between my legs.

After I had several orgasms, Master T came to stand in front of me and unzipped his pants. He wanted me to suck him and he said something about coming on my naked tits. However, I kept on sucking him, preferring him to climax in my mouth, rather than shooting his load on my body. I’m not a big lover of ‘getting dirty’. I had nothing to say in this – that I learned later.

I stopped sucking him when the Doxy below me brought me closer to an orgasm. I rocked my hips forward and backward, fucking the Doxy, feeling my pussy contracting. I asked for permission to come, and it was granted. The Doxy buzzed on and I wanted another orgasm to build. Master T stood in front of me, masturbating.
“I’m going to come over your tits,” he said.
Something happened in my mind. Where normally I would not want it, something happened in my head. It might have been the tone of his voice that told me not to go against his will. It might also have been my horny feelings that changed my mind. It might have been the thought of pleasing him that made me long for him to mark me with his semen.

My eyes were closed as I asked permission for yet another orgasm. His voice was different when he granted me permission and as my orgasm happened, his did too. His warm fluids landed on my chest and my breasts. I could not and still cannot describe my feelings when he looked down on me, satisfied. Satisfied because of his orgasm and satisfied because he marked me.

He took some photos and looking at those photos, I didn’t get the familiar shiver that always seem to run through my body looking at this kind of images. It was as if something changed that evening. What exactly changed? I guess I will find out with time…

20151031 (391)wm breasts cum
His markings on my breast…
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