He Forgot The Condoms

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Some time ago Master T and his rebel-woman stayed over in a hotel. Apparently for some celebrations, but I think they did it because they had a sex date. Well, you know, they didn’t take me with them everywhere they went, so all I saw was what happened in the room. On their second day there, they went out for lunch and that afternoon, they had a visitor. The Traveler, I think he was called.

Coming to think of it, he forgot the condoms.

What? The condoms? Of course there was sex. Yes, he forgot the condoms.

Oh wait, no! You don’t understand. Let me tell you what happened…

I watched from my coffin (the lid was open and I was sitting up) how Rebel prepared for the visitor. She knew he was coming, but only after Master T told her the evening before. When the visitor entered, Rebel was sitting in the lounge of the suite, waiting for him in a pretty purple dress and lovely shoes. He came in, he saw and he conquered. Oh wait, I am moving to quick again right?

Well, you see, it’s just all so exciting.

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That man blindfolded and gagged her and then made her bend forward over the table in the lounge and he slapped her ass. That was sexy to watch, but what happened in the bedroom was much more interesting. And hot! He tied her hands and feet together – left to left and right to right. She was spread open for him, and he made use of that, pushing a glass dildo into her cunt and a beautiful golden butt plug into the other hole. Rebel seemed to like it. When the visitor untied her because her hands started changing color, he got onto the bed and she had to undress him. That girl knows what to do, I tell you. She sucked him and licked his balls and he rightfully so complimented her about it, as did Master T. He told her to get on her hands and knees and while she did so, he put a condom on.

What? Yes of course he had condoms!

Oh that! Well wait until the end of the story and you will understand!

He got onto the bed behind her and entered her ass. Yep, not her cunt, but her ass. I watched as he fucked her ass and from the sounds Rebel made, she definitely enjoyed it. She moved backwards to the edge of the bed when he asked her to do so, and he entered her ass again. Knowing Rebel, she would have wanted to climax that way, but the visitor definitely had something else in mind. He soon pulled out and got rid of the condom. He wasn’t done yet. Some whipping followed and then he pushed the golden plug right back into her. Rebel had to follow him to the lounge, where he sat down on the couch and had her on her knees in front of him, sucking him before he changed places with her and fucked her with the plug still in place. Orgasms happened, and then Rebel had to suck Master T too, which she gladly did.

After some downtime and getting dressed again, they decided to go down to the bar for a drink. It was then that I noticed – the visitor had forgotten a full box of condoms and since I am a good fellow, I decided to keep it for him… until next time. Because there will be a next time.

20151102 (23)wm skelly condoms
Keeping the condoms safe… until the next time
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See, I told you, just wait until the end and you will understand.

Stay wet and hot, sexies!

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  1. Oh simply wonderful Marie! . . . So, so hot . . . I just won’t be able to concentrate on my work all day now!!!
    And that slideshow . . . oh my goodness!!!
    Xxx – K

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