From Above

The November prompt for Sinful Sunday is: Shoot From Above.

For this prompt I am using a photo from the same weekend that I used for last month’s prompt.

I will always think about that weekend with fondness, and remember the moment that Master T captured on the image below.

We were posing for photos, this beautiful lady and I. She had a good idea of what she wanted, and she was brilliant at changing her facial expressions from joy, to sadness, to fear. Every time I look through the images I cannot help but think that she is stunning. She’s beautiful and fun and funny and so down to earth and kind. Master T directed us for some of the images, in which the net tights I was wearing got torn by her. She had a leash attached to her collar and I was holding it for the images that were done before this scene. Master T wanted me to lie down on my back with my legs spread and her between my legs. He just wanted her face close to my crotch, to get the effect of her beautiful face with the torn tights. When he stopped clicking the camera, she kept her face there, looked at me and moved closer. I sighed loudly when her warm breath moved over my clitoris and then her tongue ever-so-softly touched me.

The gently licks promised more for the future.

20151004 (96)wm
The scene, seen from above…
(click to enlarge)

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