Food and Sex

Look it’s messy, it gets everywhere, who will clean the sheets, and why don’t I taste good enough… These are my first thoughts when someone suggests ‘spicing’ it up. My next thought is ‘have you washed your hands’ since cutting those chillies? And why is the ginger peeled and shaped that way… Less suspiciously, I recall the squeezing of berries over a female body and watching the juices drip across her skin and I smile, smile at her squirming, the taste on her lips, smile as ice cream melted on her nipples and I lapped it up against those peaked mounds, and smiled as I remember another occasion of someone drinking vodka shots from my belly button, the alcohol tingling at my clit as it dribbled down and it was lapped up. Tea and toast the morning after, the satisfaction and the knowledge of more to come, energy reserves lovingly served… Food as foreplay, food as penetration, food as aids, and food as a craving after the carnal feeding.

Reading through these words different things came to mind, depending which part of the paragraph I read. Katherine started out with the fact that it’s messy and that indeed is the one thing that I always think about when playing with food comes up. What I see in my mind is a bed soiled with whipped cream or syrup or something that, once you are done playing, will mean you cannot relax afterwards, but you will have to clean the bed. No, that’s not a sexy thought at all and immediately makes me think: I don’t want to play with food.

That said, we have played with food before and many times the result of it was sex. Not always, but many times. We never played with chillies, but the thought of it intrigues me. Or mustard. Or chilly sauce. We played with ginger. I wanted to experience figging and I did. Way back when Master T and I were in the beginning of our relationship, we also experimented with food. Insertables. A cucumber. A carrot. There were orgasms and the only mess made on the bed was the squirting I had done. We went messier after that, like when we played with chocolate sauce for an Easter edition of Sinful Sunday. That was quite messy and that was done in our bedroom. I bought a special plastic table cloth for it, which we threw away after we were done.

That’s only one example, but we have done so much more. In fact, browsing through the blog I was surprised at what we had done with food in the past. No, not with WHAT we have done, but with how MUCH we have done. Strawberries with sugar. A kiwi cut in half. Something with green beans. And what about the eggs!? Now if that wasn’t a messy business!
I also remember the time when Master T poured wine over my pussy and licked it up. I cannot even remember where that was and if there was a mess, but I do remember that I loved the contrast of the cold wine running over my body and his warm tongue licking it from my body. And wasn’t my A-Z Blogging Challenge of 2015 entirely dedicated to food?

I think this just goes to show that even if my first reaction when thinking about playing with food is ‘no, it’s messy’, I still like to play with food. There’s enough photo evidence of that fact!

Just as a last thought: something that’s been on my bucket list for quite some time now is to have food served on my body. It remains to be seen if it will ever happen…

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10 thoughts on “Food and Sex

  1. Maybe we are just too hung up on the mess? Maybe the mess is part of the fun? Maybe the mingling of flavours and fluids is too much? But like others commenting – the tidy up is so tedious. maybe we just need to prep more? Or like someone else said – hotel sex ! Yay ! Room service anyone?

  2. It’s always fun to notice the trends in one’s work that one didn’t notice before. Did makes for great photos, but I’m with you in having an aversion to food play due to the messiness.

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